If you are looking for a reliable resource that can help you paraphrase or summarize content, then it is important that you read this guide. 

It is quite impossible to choose the right tool all by you, and this is because there are more than hundreds of different sites and tools that are offered to rewrite and summarize services. 

So instead of wasting your time trying different tools, it is best that you invest three to five minutes of your time on this guide.

Here in this post, we have discussed the different elements that you need to consider while choosing the best rephrase or text summarizer. 

Not only this, but we have also discussed one of the most popular and reliable paraphrasing tools available today. 

After reading this post, you can easily start rephrasing and summarizing the content and get the most genuine results.

How to Choose the Best Tool for Paraphrasing and Summarizing? – Factors to Consider

As we have mentioned above, there are more than a hundred different tools that you can find on Google SERPs

If you are confused about how to choose the right tool, then you need to keep in mind the factors that we have mentioned below:

  • Define Requirements 

Before you go looking for a paraphraser, it is best that you ask yourself what you are going to use the tool for. 

You might need the tool for rephrasing a short passage, or you might want to improve content quality, remove plagiarism from your drafts, or recompose your work in a different language. 

You have to choose the tool which offers you different modes for different purposes.  

  • Check Uniqueness

The main purpose of rewriting a sentence or a complete post is to create a different version of it. 

So if you want to choose an online paraphrasing tool, it is best that you check the uniqueness of the text it generates.

  • Check Quality

When it comes to finding the best rephraser, you have to make sure that you focus on quality. 

Not all paraphrasing tools are capable of creating reader-friendly and error-free text.

This is why you need to check the quality of rephrased text before finalizing it.

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  • Test Usability 

If the paraphraser tool is not easy to use, then there is no point in sticking with it. 

You must choose a tool that has a simple interface and is very easy to use. 

  • Confirm Pricing 

One of the reasons why people today look for online paraphrasing or summarizing tools is that they cannot afford to hire a resource. 

So when you are looking for an online tool, you have to make sure that it is free or is either cheaper than hiring a professional writer/editor.

  • Read Testimonials

Lastly, especially when you are choosing a premium tool, it is best that you read reviews of users who have already experienced it. 

Positive reviews are your biggest trusting point. In case you find bad reviews, then you should not pay for the tool, as it is one of the biggest red flags.

We have checked many tools for all of these factors and have also tried using them.

After vigorous testing and trials, we have selected one reliable option that can help you with both paraphrasing and summarizing. 

Let us discuss it in detail! – Popular Tool for Paraphrasing and Summarizing is a very credible website that offers helpful tools for writers, students, marketers, researchers, and other users across the globe. 

On this website, you can find both the paraphrasing tool and text summarizer. 

Below we have given a short guide on how to use both of these tools:

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing Tool

This online paraphrasing tool is very easy to use, which is the first reason why we picked it.

You don’t need to have any prior experience or skills to use this paraphrasing tool. 

The tool has a simple interface, and you can easily recompose text with just three to four clicks with it. 

Other than being easy to use, this tool offers five different rewriting modes which can cater to the needs of different types of users. 

The modes offered by are mentioned as under:

  • Basic: This is a free mode and is best for all kinds of users who want to rewrite a few sentences or paragraphs. In this mode, the tool changes words with synonyms and modifies the tone of the text.
  • Fluidity: The second free mode offered by the tool, which is best for users who want to make their drafts more engaging and fluent. In this mode, a new version of the text is created, which provides to-the-point information.
  • Anti-plagiarism: This is a premium mode that is specially designed for students and content writer, this mode provides the user fully plagiarized free content. 
  • Blog: The second pro mode is for bloggers and website owners. In this mode, the input text would be recomposed, but the keywords and their placement would not be compromised. 
  • Formal: This mode is available for users who want to improve the quality and tone of their drafts and make them sound more formal.

The working steps of this paraphrasing tool are quite straightforward. You just have to:

  1. Open on your browser
  2. Upload text that you want to rewrite
  3. Select the rewriting mode
  4. Click on “Paraphrase”
  5. Copy/Export rephrased text

This is how easy it is to use this paraphrasing tool. 

The tool comes with a free version, but it has some limitations. 

To enjoy premium modes and an increased word limit, you can buy one of the affordable paid plans. The premium plans start from $3.35/month!

Features of Paraphrase Tool

  • Free Version 
  • Affordable Plans
  • Supports eight different languages
  • Human-like outputs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Different modes
  • Removes plagiarism

To know more about this tool, try it today. It works on every device as long as you have a browser and a connection.

Text Summarizer

Text Summarizer

The summarizing tool offered by is also very reliable when it comes to the shrinking length of a draft. 

With this online tool, you can easily summarize up to 2500 Characters in one go. 

The tool is capable of reducing four to five passages into one in less than seconds. 

To summarize text with this tool, you have to:

  1. Open the text summarizer in your browser
  2. Upload the text you want to shrink
  3. Click on the “summarize” button 
  4. Copy summary from the output box

You can create high-quality summaries with just two to three clicks with this tool. You can use this reliable summarizer for:

  • Creating conclusion of your assignments/essays
  • Generating an overview of a research paper
  • Summarize lengthy generals into crispy headlines
  • Removing wordiness from a draft 
  • Summarizing a lengthy blog article

This summarizer is quite popular, and this is because it is supported by AI. The summarized text generated by this tool is human-like and highlights the central idea of the original draft.

Features of Text Summarizer

  • Absolutely free to use
  • Unique summaries
  • Multi-lingual support 
  • Easy to use
  • Universal compatibility 

This summarizer tool is a very helpful utility for journalists, reporters, researchers, writers, and even students. 

You can try it on any device you want without worrying about any added cost. 

By using this summarizing tool, you can save a lot of time, effort, and resources wasted in the manual summarizing of papers.

Wrapping Up

A reliable and good quality paraphrasing tool and summarizer are very helpful and important resources for every user related to the writing fraternity. 

These tools can help students, bloggers, website owners, teachers, researchers, and even marketers. 

Here in this post, we have discussed the two most reliable tools offered by! Instead of wasting time using poor-quality tools, it is best that you take action now and tries both of these options!