With the surge in popularity of easy-to-use People Search Engines, many of our private data has become easily accessible to everyone and can be exploited by bad actors for their gains.

These online services require little to no effort to quickly lookup anyone’s details such as name, identity, address, etc. 

One of the most widespread methods is using reverse phone lookups to find information about someone through their phone number. Here is an article to reverse phone lookup that can be quite helpful.  

Someone’s personal information in the hands of the wrong people can be very dangerous. It can be used in various ways to harm you, including:

Identity theft: With access to your data, someone can impersonate your identity and commit identity theft. They can easily take out heavy loans, mortgages or apply for credit cards under your name. This may land you in legal trouble with the authorities, and it may take a long time to clear your name.

Stalking: Anyone can look up your social media handles and even your home address and contact number online. This information can be used by stalkers and other bad actors to follow you around and harm you.

In addition to this, you may find irrelevant or wrong information about you online that might defame you. Since many companies use these People Search engines for background checks, it will become difficult for you to find employment. 

Cocofinder is one of the top People Search engines that host publicly available details of almost everyone. However, since some people are uncomfortable sharing their details online, Cocofinder easily lets you hide your details from the public record. 

In the following article, find out how to remove your information from CocoFinder.

How to remove your profile from CocoFinder

It is very easy to remove your information from CocoFinder. It requires no sign-up or account creation of any kind, and you don’t need to pay a dime to remove your details. However, it can take up to 48 hours to process the removal request. 

Follow these simple steps to remove your information from CocoFinder: 

Step 1: Search Yourself

You can start by searching for your profile on CocoFinder. It is very simple as you only need to visit and type in your name in the search bar on the home page. Click on the search icon, and a list of matching profiles should be displayed. 

You can even try searching by your phone number using the reverse phone lookup tool or your home address using the reverse address lookup tool.

Reverse address lookup

Step 2: Find your Profile

Once you have placed your search request, CocoFinder will search its enormous database and show you a list of all the matching profiles. From here, you can scroll and look through the list to find your profile. 

Since there may be many people sharing the same name, you can narrow down the results by providing additional details such as your city name or selecting your home state from the drop-down menu in the search bar. 

Once you find your profile, click on ‘Check Details’ to open it.

Step 3: Request to remove your information

Find the ‘Remove my info’ button on the profile page and click it to opt-out of the CocoFinder database. 

Step 4: Verification

You will get an email with a verification link. You simply need to click the link to verify yourself, and your request will be accepted, and CocoFinder will initiate the process to remove your profile from its searches. 

Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email to officially confirm the removal of your information from the Cocofinders database. You can confirm this yourself by searching your profile again on CocoFinder.

It usually takes a day or two for the removal request to be processed successfully. You may even need to clear the cache on your device to see the results.

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Opt-out on Behalf of Someone else

Cocofinder allows you to opt-out on behalf of your relative as well. The process to do so is almost the same. Additionally, you need to provide admissible written permission from the person whose profile you are requesting to remove.

About CocoFinder

CocoFinder is the most famous search tool. It boasts an enormous database of reliable information on everyone by linking many publicly available records worldwide.

All the data hosted on CocoFinder is from publicly available records that are officially sourced from the government and are completely legal and 100% safe to use. It is used by companies and individuals alike to run background checks, look up contact information or find addresses. Therefore, CocoFinder strives to connect people and bring them closer. 

You can use CocoFinder right in your web browser, and it is fashioned according to a search engine, just like google. You simply need to provide a Name to look up anyone. It gives you a list of possible matches from which you can find the profile of the person you are looking for. 

CocoFinder has developed several tools to help you in your pursuit. Some of its main features are listed below: 

People Search

Using just a Name, you can find an individual’s profile using this tool. Since many people can share the same name, you can further narrow down the list of results by offering additional information such as the City or State of the person you are looking for. This is an amazing tool for finding old friends.

Reverse Phone Lookup

This is the process of looking up information such as name, personal identity, and addresses through a phone number. Basically, it is searching for details for an unknown mobile number. 

Address Lookup

Like a phone lookup service, it instead uses the address to obtain information regarding the tenant of the location. It enables you to check and confirm if a person who is claiming to live at a specific address resides there or not. 

Email Lookup: 

This allows you to find out the name, location, and age of the individual who owns a particular email address.


Having your personal details public for anyone to access is not a good idea as some bad actors can cause you serious harm using this information. However, CocoFinder allows us to easily hide your profile and remove your data from the public record. 

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