Knowledge Broker Blueprint

As long as you can afford it, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a great investment. It’ll teach you a lot and help you trade your knowledge at high prices.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint has been ranked as the most detailed digital program in history (Previous name: Knowledge Business Blueprint or KBB).

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s initial live cast started at the beginning of 2019 to share KBB worldwide. The live broadcast has more than 250,000 participants!

Moreover, over 25,000 individuals have engaged in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint from its first release. Remarkable is an understatement for KBB.


There is a KBB course group on Facebook, where you will see students sharing their great victories every day. A revolution in investment in self, business, and self-education has just begun.

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What is their goal? To make you live a happier life, benefit everyone, and get more achievements.

They accomplished their success for the first time with a 5-day challenge (known as “Think Like an Expert”). In this challenge, they took more than 900 students through daily training in simple thinking and actions to help them overcome their greatest beliefs and gain self-confidence.

It also gives another excellent incentive opportunity to those who want to join KBB via the partner connection, including a 3-day San Diego planner, one-on-one mentoring, and a 4-week interactive planner squad. 

This will encourage everyone to continue engaging with a group of students over the next few weeks as they join the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

Here is an in-depth review of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint:

What is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a detailed digital program that provides video tutorials, materials, assignments, free workbooks, and access to a private Facebook community.

The KBB 2.0 course is divided into 6 main modules:

  • Extraction and Discovery
  • Mastering Your Mindset
  • Marketing Mastery
  • Running Your Event with Confidence
  • Generating the Right Clients
  • Knowledge Consultant & Reporter

Training duration usually varies from 7 to 30 minutes (plus some massive activities done by Dean’s staff, such as YouTube and Facebook advertisements).

From an individual who has finished the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, it can guarantee you that this is the top online trainer on the web.

Suppose you are interested in managing your own planner, holding webinars, or taking on-site training. In that case, this will also be your best guide.

The fantastic thing is the quality of the training videos and the experience shared by Tony and Dean: 60 years of experience, which was the sum of one short training course.

What can You do in the Group of Masterminds?

If you are considering joining KBB, this is a great question. Suppose you are interested in creating your own planning group, virtual training, or live seminar. In that case, you must understand your work in the planning group.

They have created a comprehensive guide. In addition to formulating and running a step-by-step guide, it will also walk you through the planning team step-by-step.

Additionally, a downloadable PDF worksheet is included with each training video to help you complete the exercises and save all the examples provided during the training. 

You will also have the chance to assess your talents with sample test questions after each lecture.

A further element of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the MindMint program.

What is MindMint Software by KBB?

MindMint is software that helps you gain insight and have your planning in one place.

You may think of this as an operational framework that can help you build landing and sales pages, plan arrangements or event schedules, and put all your organizing resources in one system.

The app guides you through the whole process of establishing and organizing your activity when you formulate a new setting inside MindMint.

From trainer or speaker information to attendee information, the agenda or route you want to track and the location, everything. MindMint will assist you in keeping all this data in one location.

MindMint also offers software to help you develop a promotional platform that helps you, market planners, and your community coordinate your activities.

In MindMint, anything from the homepage to the application to the product pages can be developed quickly.

Is Knowledge Broker Blueprint for Everyone?

If you want to make an impact by sharing the knowledge you already know, then the knowledge broker Blueprint is right for you.

You have unique talents, experience, or passion, whether you realize it or not. If you share these skills, knowledge, or enthusiasm, you will impact others who need knowledge in this field.

A knowledge broker Blueprint can help you use it correctly and define your skills, knowledge, or passion so that you can share them with the world!

You do not need to be an expert. The knowledge broker Blueprint will provide you with a plan to create and run your own planner successfully.

The Cost of Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The cost of entering the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program in 2020 was $2,000. The benefits shared there far exceed the investment of $2,000. The combination is much more than a $2,000 investment.

People who have completed the entire course twice claim that the knowledge and value shared by KBB far exceed the investment of $2,000.

Pros and Cons of KBB


This course investigates the core that drives the market and how students learn. The format adopted can strengthen the sense of responsibility and can be implemented effectively. It provides advice on how to get people to accept your program. It is easy to use and navigate. You will get useful software for free for 1 year.


It takes a bit of effort to see results. You will not receive the personal attention of the coach.


Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the best online training program to enable you to develop your expertise in the business.

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Suppose you have ever imagined assembling or managing a community of professionals or exchanging your expertise with a community that needs and wants it through interactive and live seminars and instruction. In that case, KBB is the best option available.