You might wonder about the difference between PDF and PDF/A. Why do you need to convert a PDF to PDF/A? For starters, a PDF/A is a PDF document that is iso-standardized. With a PDF/A, you can ensure that your document will be reproduced in its exact specifications. Long-term preservation also comes with PDF/A, and the software used should not be an issue.

You can convert PDF to PDF/A using PDFBear. PDFBear offers this PDF to PDF/A service for free. It also uses a seamless four-step conversion that will get you to convert PDF to PDF/A in no time. For a free and streamlined PDF to PDF/A conversion, you have PDFBear and this PDF conversion tool to rely on.

PDF to PDF/A in 2 Minutes

Just because PDF/A is an iso-standardized version of a PDF doesn’t mean you should be waiting for your converted PDF/A for an extended period. Converting any pdf to pdfa should be relatively easy and quick through PDFBear. PDFBear ensures its users that you won’t be wasting your time with unnecessary gimmicks in converting PDF to PDF/A. 

With this PDFBear tool, you can successfully convert PDF to PDF/A within two minutes. PDFBear uses a fool-proof four-step conversion in any PDF to PDF/A process. The four-step process is relatively the same no matter which documents it is and has been giving out accurately converted PDF to PDF/A files for a long time now. Without a doubt, PDFBear is one of the best online tools you can rely on for these types of PDF conversion.

PDF to PDF/A In 4 Easy Steps

Within the entire two minutes of converting PDF to PDF/A, PDFBear uses a four-step PDF conversion. This process is also easy to follow, and converting PDF to PDF/A using this four-step process should not be difficult for the average user.

To convert PDF to PDFA, you will need to upload the PDF document to the PDF to PDF/A converter on PDFBear. You can do so by selecting and uploading the file, or you can also drag and drop the PDF file on the converter tool. After, this PDF to PDF/A tool on PDFBear will automatically scan and convert your PDF to a PDF/A file format.

PDFBear and this PDF converter want to ensure that it meets the PDF conversion quality that its users expect from this PDF to PDF/A tool. All you need is to sit and wait for a few moments for this PDFBear tool to finish and complete the process. You should be able to download the newly and accurately converted PDF/A file to your computer once it completes the conversion process.

Cloud Conversion For All PDF to PDF/A Processes

One of the best features that anyone can find from PDFBear is the Cloud Conversion Tool. This PDF to PDF/A converter also uses the same Cloud Conversion feature. This Cloud Conversion feature should help any user to convert PDF to PDF/A without taking up any space or chunk from their computer memory. Converting PDF to PDF/A will not require any part of CPU or GPU usage.

Cloud Conversion allows users to save their files instantly in the Cloud system. Access to your files has never been easier, and you can add a storage option for these files subsequently. As we said, using PDFBear in converting any PDF documents will not take up any of your system’s memory. However, in a way, you could store your files from the comforts of your PDFBear profile.

PDFBear Cloud Conversion is perfect for anyone who is always on the move. PDFBear users who need a quick PDF to PDF/A conversion may do so together with a stable Internet connection. Just open this PDF to PDF/A converter from your web browser, and you should be able to convert PDF to PDF/A in no time!

Any Devices Or Platforms

Another fantastic feature of PDFBear and this PDF to PDF/A tool is that it is compatible with any platform. The same goes for other PDF converters if you find yourself in need of those services. Converting PDF documents through PDFBear should not be a problem while using a Mac, Windows, and Linux-based operating system. You should be able to get the same high-quality conversion no matter what operating system you use.

The platform you use to convert PDF to PDF/A will not pose any issues or problems. Using Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome should allow access to anyone who wants to use this PDF to PDF/A converter. 

It is always pleasant and refreshing to know that the playing field in converting PDF to PDF/A is equal among web browsers and platforms. No matter what web browser or OS you use, you will still be able to convert PDF to PDF/A in the most convenient way

PDFBear and this PDF to PDF/A tool are also compatible with mobile operating systems. With this fact, you can convert PDF to PDF/A from your smartphone. Combine this fact with the Cloud Conversion feature, and you can easily convert PDF to PDF/A no matter where you are. 

Secure PDF to PDF/A Conversion

An underrated aspect of using an online tool to convert PDF documents is security. PDFBear sees to it that it can protect its users and their files and keep it from falling to the wrong hands. 

PDFBear will automatically remove any files you uploaded to the PDFBear servers after an hour. The same goes for the successfully converted PDF to PDF/A files. This feature should guarantee the privacy of its users and their files.

PDFBear also sees to it that it operates under a secure and private connection. This online tool operates under a 256-Bit SSL encryption that should generally be enough to guarantee safety and privacy. Without a doubt, you won’t find anyone peeking in or lurking on your files while you convert PDF to PDF/A on PDFBear.


PDFBear is a highly-rated online tool that provides this PDF to PDF/A conversion. It can convert PDF to PDF/A in less than two minutes using a fool-proof four-step conversion. The scarcity of online tools that offer this PDF conversion will no longer be a problem. Convert PDF to PDF/A in the most convenient way possible through this PDFBear service.