How to See Who Save YourI nstagram-Posts

Instagram is updated with millions of posts every day. Some people create new posts while others go there to scroll down and explore what others have uploaded. When they come across some fantastic pictures and photos, then they either forward it to their friend’s circle or save it to their collection. Every user of Instagram can save an image or post he or she likes. However, when you are the one who is uploading the posts and pictures, you have a natural curiosity. Therefore, you want to learn how to see who saved your Instagram post.

On the other hand, sometimes people make some great collections, but they don’t want others to know anything about it; they want to keep their collections private. When they save any post, they start wondering if someone knows if you hold their picture on Instagram. If all those questions are hammering on your mind, then this post is designed for you. You will get answers to every question about the “Save” Feature on Instagram. So, let’s get started.

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How to Know if Someone Saves Your Picture on Instagram?

Whether it’s optimizing our content or getting free Instagram likes and followers through tools when there are more and more people following us we will have some photos that we don’t want to be saved by others. Many people save your pictures and posts, but you don’t have any idea. In case you want to know how many people have saved a post or photo, you can get details of the number count. You can get this information through your Instagram account’s advanced insight feature, which means you need to switch to a Business or Creator account to access this information.

  1. Go to Settings and then Tap on Account.
  2. Choose whether you want to switch to a business or Creator account.
  3. Once you make the switch, go to your Profile icon (right side at the bottom) to check your posts.
  4. Click on the post or picture whose save count you want to know.
  5. Once the post is loaded, click on View Insight under the image or video of your post.
  6. You will check advanced insight into your post. The Bookmark icon will show the number count- how many times your posts have been saved in a collection.

How to save Instagram posts

It happens many times that you come across a fantastic post that you want to add to your collection. Now the question is how you can save a post. Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. You can check a bookmark icon on the right-hand bottom of every post of instagram stories
  2. Tap on the Bookmark icon, and then you can see this saved post from a private section of your profile.

How to Save a post to a collection

  1. Tap and hold the bookmark icon under every post for one second.
  2. A pop-up will appear. You can create a new collection or select your existing one.

How to See Instagram Saved Post?

  1. Open the Instagram application.
  2. Click on the Menu icon horizontal three lines on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear.
  4. Click on saved.

Does Instagram notify you when you save a picture?

As soon as you save someone’s picture, the application doesn’t send a notification to that person. So, save as many profile pictures as you like and populate the whole collection.

Some people keep wondering, does Instagram notify when you save a post? The answer to this question is no. This platform doesn’t disclose the identity of a person who saves posts. Therefore, whether someone has saved your posts or saved other people’s posts, there is no notification of saving and no way to know the username of the person who saved a post.

However, when you try it again and again, your Instagram followers feel annoyed. And they may unfollow you, so you better use a strategic approach here.

Can someone see if you save their picture on Instagram?

No, someone can’t get any details about you in case you save their picture or post. In business insight, a person can only check the number of times one post is saved. This insight doesn’t share the details of a person who saved Instagram posts.

Instagram is a popular social media application that gives due importance to the privacy of a person. It doesn’t share the details of a person who saved a picture or post on this platform. The identity of the person is kept strictly confidential. So, no one can see if you have saved their pictures in your collection.

How to see who saved your Instagram posts

There is no way to find out who saved your Instagram post. This social platform has specific rules and policies for its users. Once you share your picture, someone can make it a part of their collection, but you won’t have any idea who is doing that, according to Instagram policies.

Some people think that if they install some third-party applications, they would know who saved their Instagram post. At present, there is no such application then provides you a guide on how to see who saved your Instagram posts.

How to Know Who Saved your Instagram Post?

Although there is no application or method through which you can find out who is saving your picture or post, there is a method you can use to satisfy your curiosity.

  1. Take a screenshot of that picture you want to know about.
  2. Create a story with that screenshot and add questions inside your story.
  3. Ask your follower who saved that post.
  4. You will get answers in the story comments.

The direct approach is the only way to find who saved your pictures on Instagram. However, it would be best if you only went with this option when you must find out. Because many people save posts, but they don’t want to tell other people. That’s why the collection option is private on Instagram. You can use this option once to boost engagement in your story.


Finally, you know one easy guide on how to see who saved your post on Instagram. Also, you know how to check to save post counts on this platform and how to create an enticing collection by saving other people’s posts. Finally, there is no notification for a post you save, so save as many as you like.