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Whether praying out loud in the kitchen while making breakfast or quietly before bed, most churchgoers know prayer is a crucial part of their spiritual journey. But it can be difficult for many to keep up a daily practice.

For this reason, integrating an online prayer request feature into your church app can make a huge difference in people’s lives. Here are seven benefits of doing so:

It’s Easy

Show church members that they’re not alone in the world by providing them with a prayer request online free feature. Whether they’re struggling with a personal or professional issue, having someone to turn to can make all the difference.

Offer a daily devotional prayer on your site or within your app. Update it regularly to encourage people to visit often and see new prayers. Make sure to have a team of moderators to check and respond to private requests day or night.

Provide your community with St. Jude online prayer requests to feel the power and strength of Christians worldwide who lift them in their time of need. Keep your church a constant presence in the lives of your congregation and help them grow their relationships with God through an online prayer request.

It’s Convenient

Some people aren’t able to attend church services regularly because of health issues or work obligations. For them, online prayer can be a way to keep God front and center in their lives.

Consider including a weekly live stream to submit a prayer request online where people can pray together in real-time to encourage frequent use of your prayer request form. It’s also an opportunity for people to share their experiences and get support from each other.

Offer a private option for users who prefer not to post their prayers publicly. Having a moderator to respond to private requests will help users feel valued and connected with the community. They may even return more often if they know their prayers are being responded to. This will be a win for all parties.

It’s Anonymous

Online prayer requests allow members to confront challenges that can weigh heavily on their hearts without saying them aloud. This can be especially beneficial for people who may not feel comfortable saying their prayers in person due to social distancing or the fear of getting sick.

Many people who submit an online prayer request want their names to be kept from being posted. This is fine, but they want to know that their requests are being prayed for. For these individuals, consider providing an option for private prayer requests that can be sent to a staff member instead of being publicly posted.

You can also allow people to share their prayers on social media to promote your online prayer service. Including this feature encourages more people to use your online prayer tool and gives the church a more extensive reach.

It’s Secure

Some people are uncomfortable sharing personal information in this social media age. When a person submits their prayer request online, they can choose not to have their information shared with others. This can make them feel more comfortable that their requests will be kept private.

In addition, when a person submits their prayer, they can also choose not to include it in a feed for other users. This can help ensure their privacy is protected and they will not be subject to negative comments.

Another way to secure your online prayer system is to have a moderator. This person can monitor the site and remove any inappropriate content. They can also answer questions and provide closure to those waiting for an update.

It’s Fast

The goal of prayer is to invite God to work in our lives. He’s given this world to humanity, but unless we ask Him for help and intercede often, the devil will win, and multitudes will perish.

Online prayer requests are an excellent way for people to keep their faith front and center. This can be especially meaningful for those who can’t attend church regularly.

Consider offering private prayer options for those uncomfortable posting public prayers. This will allow them to communicate their needs to your staff directly and privately. Also, consider adding prayer guides that suggest praying for specific situations. This will help new users and remind existing ones of best practices. Also, provide prayer updates on request status so those asking for prayers know their requests are being addressed.

It’s Effective

Online prayer is a powerful way to connect with your church community. But to make the experience more effective, ensure your website and app are set up correctly.

For example, be sure to have an explanation of how the prayer submission process works. This will help new users understand how to use the feature and ensure their prayers are heard. Also, specific prayers are more effective than general ones.

Finally, offer a prayer chat option for people who prefer to communicate in real time. Just be sure you have enough staff to monitor this in case someone posts inappropriate content. A dedicated team of moderators will make this experience more comfortable for your members.

It’s Free

Many people look to saints for help and support. For example, Catholics often pray to St. Jude because he’s known as the “patron of lost causes.” By offering an online prayer request option, your church can empower your members to ask for the saints’ help and protection.

In addition to offering an online prayer submission option, your church can add a live chat feature. This lets your members talk with others who are going through the same things they’re. It makes them feel like they’re not alone, which is essential during difficult times.

You can even assign moderators to respond directly to private prayers, which helps ensure that your users’ privacy is protected. That way, they can rest assured that their prayers are heard and answered.