Blogging mistakes

Are you going to start blogging? Or a beginner in the Blogging field? Then this article is going to be noteworthy to you. 

To step up in any field you should know how to succeed in it and what all practices should be avoided. so that it won’t come in the middle of your success journey. 

Through the article, we avail you of the amateur mistakes generally practiced by bloggers. 

These practices can ruin your dream of being a notable blogger in the market. Some of these practices should be avoided, and some of these are avoided by new Bloggers.


To become a prominent Blogger, skills of creative content writing and to remain updated of the field interest you to write. 

Many other skills to require that includes knowledge of digital marketing, knowledge of how to increase ranking on the web page, and most important you should be aware of the guidelines of white hat SEO, Black hat SEO and many more other.

There are several practices that Blogger should avoid and which are avoided, feeble of large practices we will discuss the general practices.

Practices that Blogger generally avoid are:

  • Selection of Domain
  • Choosing of Best Hosting
  • Website Interface
  • Consistency in uploading

Selection of Domain

Many newbie bloggers avoid risk and go for free domain, which is not right for a long turn. Free domains have several limitations which come in the way of becoming a prominent blogger. Despite it, you should buy the domain from the certified sites. Some of them are GoDaddy, Hostinger, etc.

Choosing of Best Hosting

Hosting is another important one to look after, as it is responsible to cloud your data available on site. Newbie usually prefer to use free hosting which is considered inappropriate practice, as it has a limitation as a free domain has. 

Limitation of bandwidth, limitation of traffic, limitation of security, limitation of backup, and many others too. Moreover, If you are using any free hosting, then there is more chance that you lose all your content in case the company shuts down. Hence, you are advised to use the experts recommended wordpress hosting services.

Website Interface

The visual element is another choice that should be considered not only in blog sites, but it should be considered in every field. 

As creative writing isn’t enough to attract users,To have a good interface you have to go for paid themes as free themes limit’s your looks and interface of the website. 

Consistency in uploading

consistency is an essential element to be successful in your work. If you want to see some results.Keep writing consistently and invest your time to research the best keywords for your blog. so that it will be noticed by google within a few months. The same is with Bloggers you need to be consistent in uploading your Blogs. 

Leverage social media traffic

SEO isn’t enough to increase the users for your blogging site. You need to aid, about your site on other platforms also, major of these are social media sites. 

Social media easily helps you to reach your targeted audience of whom you are in search. Social media helps to directly reach your audience in fewer time results in the sudden growth of users for your site. 

Practices that blogger should avoid:

The number of these malpractices comes under black hat SEO, which is generally practiced to increase the ranking and views by the bloggers. These practices can ruin your dream of a pro blogger, as your site can be blocked. These practices include;

  • Building too much backlinks
  • Content Automation
  • Keyword optimization

Building too much backlinks

Newbie bloggers misunderstand that creating several backlinks like crazy helps in increasing the ranking of your page on the search engines. 

But having several backlinks on a page on a particular site is of no use, it’s just a waste of time. Other than this while creating a backlink you need to see whether it is “no follow” or “do follow”. 

A do-follow backlink indirectly helps to increase the ranking on the webpage, while a no-follow backlink doesn’t affect much.

Content Automation

Despite having good writing skills, your content can be similar as malpractice according to search engine guidelines. 

For this, you have to check whether your content contains plagiarism or not. If you do not check it and publish it, it won’t rank on the search engine due to the plagiarism it contains. 

Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is an SEO practice that is considered under the search engine guidelines. If you want to rank your content on search engines you have to write your content with webmaster guidelines. 

As many of the newbie bloggers are not aware of keyword optimization, results in decreasing the rank of a page despite increasing.


Through the article, we aim to provide you the information that newbie bloggers generally make. This 21st century is full of competitors in all fields.

Over time various guidelines have been come out by the search engines to rank your page. 

Moreover, you need to write your content, considering the keyword optimization, publishing it by looking at whether SEO is good or not. Like this, there are several other skills and knowledge that need to be considered to become a prominent blogger.