google gravity

When we think of gravity, the first that usually enters our mind is the way the apple fell down on the head of Sir Isaac Newton, who went ahead and discovered the very basis of the way we function on this planet. Standing tall, being able to walk and not float away, having blood pressure and many other such things can all be attributed to a single and simple force called gravity. So what is Mr Doob Google Gravity and exactly how does it work? 

The most curious thing that we found while writing this article is that searching for the Chrome extension project by the name of Mr Doob Gravity leads to a collapse of the Google search bar with a pile of navigation buttons that usually stand in a straight line of defence to provide us with all the information that we need. This cheery and fun thing has much more to it, rather than a visual play that tries to graphically show us what gravity is and what the world without gravity would be. Charming, yet that is only the beginning of things to come from Google Mr Doob and Google Gravity

Accessing Google Gravity 

Before we actually go into the question of how you can get into the tool in the first place. While you can use your high-speed Spectrum Internet to access Google Gravity by Mr Doob on your laptop or your PC, you will also be able to access this tool on your smartphone – all you would need is a Javascript-enabled browser and you are good to go! There are a number of third-party websites that can help you log in to this tool and use it online as well. This is a development that happened at a much later stage since 2009 was the year when the tool was removed by Google even though it was brought back later with the help of third-party websites. 

Google: The World’s Foremost Search Engine 

Google, as we all know, is one of the most widely used search engines. It is easy to use and provides accurate search results based on the keywords entered in the search bar. 

Google Gravity 

google gravity

A really cool gravitational trick is what powers and makes it such a hit with people. 

Powered by Javascript, this search bar can add a ton of fun to your day and all the elements on the page will fall down due to a seeming lack of gravity – this includes elements like icons, the logo, all the text, and the serious-looking black buttons as well. 

google gravity steps

Step 1:

Open a browser window, to begin with. Before you can access Google Gravity on your laptop or your personal computer (PC), you would need to fire up a browser like Chrome or any other like Safari, that you usually use. Always make sure that you are using a safe browser before you use any such app or tool. You can also open a browser on a tablet or iPad or any other handheld device since this also supports the use of Google Gravity by Mr Doob. You can even use a browser like Firefox in order to access Mr Doob’s Google Gravity.

Step 2:

The next thing that you would need to do is type in your browser so that you can access Google Gravity more easily. You would have to log into the search engine in order to begin your journey and gain access to the tool. The point is to use a Java-enabled browser that supports all kinds of websites and web content so that you can easily find the right tool when you are searching for Google Gravity. Now, you would simply have to type the words: Google Gravity. This is an essential step and you would do well to check your spelling and ensure that you get the words right with spaces in between.

Step 3:

When you type Google Gravity by Dr Doob Google and then press enter, you will be able to see the I’m feeling lucky tab. Now, this is where you would need to turn your focus since this is where the next steps of your process would begin. You would need to click there.

Step 4:

After you click on the I’m feeling lucky link that appears below the search toolbar, you would need to understand what exactly happens. The SERP or the Search Engine Results Page will be displayed in front of you if you do not click this link. But when you click on this link or the phrase that is hyperlinked, you will find the website that is ranked at the absolute highest for you and your search.

It would be the perfect match for your search phrase or the word and it would depend on a number of factors starting from the number of people who are most likely to click on this page during a normal search engine process and even the content that is within this page. This content would be free of slugs and would enjoy a good number of its niche links as well as related niches. So, a page that you find can show up for many related searches in case it ranks high for that kind of content as well. The first-ranked keyword position is one that takes plenty of handwork in terms of both SEO and content so that you can get there with ease.

Step 5:

Google Gravity will begin to activate at this stage and gradually you will see that the elements on the page begin to title and topple to fall down in a random pile, one on top of the other. This will give you quite a sight so that you are left with a jumbled pile that is fun to watch as well. While the Internet connectivity that you have would decide how efficiently and how soon Google Gravity loads on your browser. With any normal Internet connection, you can hope to see it in a few seconds, although with a slow connection, you can see it in a minute or so.

Step 6:

Time for fun: This is the point where you can begin to have fun with Google Gravity by Mr Doob so that you can actually take a real break from your work. You can go down to the search bar that has now fallen down and type your search terms in a strange way so that you can actually focus more and be more mindful of the results as you see them. This makes for a fun few minutes as you navigate and even crook your head to keep up with the direction in which your typed text would appear! 

You can even access Google Gravity on your cell phone. While it may not look exactly the same as the version that you get on the laptop or the PC or even a handheld device like a tablet, it does not make it less fun. This fun tool can help you take a quick break from work when you access it on your cell phone or your smartphone. You can easily use this for a number of other things as outlined below. 


  • Open the web browser on your desktop, tablet, etc. 
  • And click on the address bar and type ‘com gravity or elgooG gravity
  • That’s it. The simple trick will blow up the gravity in you. 

Other Tricks and Uses of Google Gravity 

1. The Google Birthday Surprise Party Spinner

Who does not want to have fun on one’s birthday? You can be sure that Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky will help you do just that thanks to the Google Birthday Surprise Party Spinner. All you have to do is open a browser so that you can type in the words Google Birthday Surprise Party Spinner. Suddenly you can easily see the games and the surprises that will load for you to instantly use including some old-school and fun games like Pac-Man, Pony Express, Solitaire and so much more.

But first, you would have to press spin so that the spinning wheel goes off at great velocity and stops at a random spot so that you can see which game or surprise it is pointing at. And that is where the fun begins! A random turn that shows up after you spin will prompt you to click and this is where your surprise is awaiting you. 

Google Birthday Surprise Party Spinner

2. Google Underwater

This would have to be one of the best things that you can find on Google Gravity and it definitely promises many minutes of fun and relaxation. Imagine being stuck at the office or at home with nowhere to go. Many of us have that wallpaper on the desktop that helps us dream about the next vacation at the side of the sea and at the beach. You can almost imagine yourself actually taking off for a spot of swimming in the sapphire waves and down into the depths of the ocean where you can find your mojo with a spot of snorkelling or even deep-sea diving.

And then the phone rings or the boss calls and you are back from your revival, ready to face the world again. Yet, instead of having to make do with your imagination, you can now find an active tool that helps you do the needful so that you feel like you are having fun in the deep blue sea.

All you have to do is open a browser that supports JavaScript so that you can type the words Google Underwater and then you are good to go! This would help you instantly relax even as you immerse yourself in the amazing water and feel the lap of the waves around you as you let this tool wash over your senses. 

Google Underwater

3. Google Sky

Google Space will now be possible with Google Sky which you can easily access from your browser when you type the words Google Sky. This takes you on an instant ride through the clouds and you can see the splendour of the sky with all the stars that seem within your reach. If you have an interest in astronomy or even space, you can easily log in to this app and go right into space thanks to the NASA-developed platform that helps you get up close and personal with the stars!

Google Sky

4. Google Mirror

elgooG is the suite that holds all these tools including Google Gravity and others which can reveal a number of fun tricks for your Google search bar. It is a mirror website of Google and it reveals a fun side of the search engine.

Google mirror

5. Google Zipper

This one helps you zip up and down to reveal search results which makes it a fun way to use Google and search for information and websites. 

google zipper

6. Google Space

The Zero Gravity tool is one of the best-known ones and it helps you experience a virtual version of life without any gravity. 

Google Space

7. Barrel Roll

This can be done 10 or 20 times and it is a fun tool that helps you take a full barrel roll down the landscape and the page of Google. You can easily use this tool to watch your entire screen do a roll and a tilt that can add some excitement to your desk job and your day! 

barrel roll

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions 

Let us look at some of the FAQs for Google Gravity: 

What or Who is Mr Doob? 

Before we go any further, let us first cast a glance on Mr Doob and understand what this is – or rather, who Mr Doob is. Mr Doob Google is a coding hub that churns out a number of masterful creative codes for the discerning audience. While many different theories exist about Mr Doob and especially about his supposed links with Google and how he used to be an employee of Google, which may even explain some of the spoof-like coding pieces that have been created including the collapse-inducing Google Gravity – there is little known about him. Or her. 

As per a Webninja interview that was conducted a few years ago, Mr Doob may be from Barcelona and his skill remains in seeing things in a slightly different way. He looks at these possibilities, takes them in the palms of his hands, and then goes forth to create codes that can help us see things his way. Very Isaac Newton of him, indeed! 

One of his projects was the Wilderness Downtown, which was done by Mr Doob for Google, which shows us that he was indeed connected with Google, as per reports. Mr Doob’s work is fascinating because it is all done in a language that we do not follow or speak, but it is from this language that he goes right ahead to create something that literally changes the way we look at things – as we can see in the Google Gravity example! 

What are Google Tricks? 

Mr Doob Google tricks are very well known with a number of projects behind him. Yet, he also has some serious coding and interfacing skills that cannot deny his sheer talent and his vision as well. If we are to look at Mr Doob’s Voxels, we can find a path-breaking platform that helps us stack three-dimensional forms so that we can build or simply indulge in some child play online.

This simple yet revolutionary tool can be used by anyone and everyone online for a number of purposes starting from taking a break to designing your dream structure and so much more! It can even, quite literally be the building blocks of a new game. Similarly, the Wilderness Downtown project by Google Creative Lab shows you, drawings, and illustrations in a clever manner with many features as well. You can actually revisit your childhood with this one! 

What are the I’m Feeling Lucky Features and how it is related to Google Gravity? 

Google has been known to regularly come up with some great tools that can be fun and exploratory at the same time. Also, some of these tools can actually take your search results further like the I’m feeling lucky feature! With this feature, you actually get to simplify your search and get directed to the best-performing website or platform for the search terms that you would have thrown at Google.

More often than not, it saves you much time and helps you find the absolute best information that is out there for whatever it is that you may have been searching for. This helps a number of businesses and even SEO digital marketing agencies when it comes to positioning and finding information that ranks higher than just high. 

Does Google Gravity use Third Party Websites? 

It would be interesting to note that although Google now uses in tandem with many third-party users, the main thing is that it is linked with the I’m Feeling Lucky feature which also makes this ideal for searches and for the search results that you and your audience would want to look for. In many ways, this simple thing can help a number of businesses and brands, if used well. So, if you think Mr Doob’s Google Gravity is all about a simple trick, you would have to think again! 

How was Google Gravity Created? 

Google Gravity by Mr Doob Google is not just a spoof that was coded into place for some entertainment – it is much more than that. Created with the help of Java Script, the relaxing quotient comes from the way we have to search for and look at our search results. This makes it a good tool to use when you want to take a break from the mundane and also focus on things in a different way so that it gives your eyes and your brain a rest as well. This is extremely important since all those hours spent in front of the computer, especially in these COVID-19 and pandemic lock downtimes, can make us a little fatigued mentally and visually as well. 

Why was Google Gravity Created? 

So, the point was to create Google Gravity as a fun search engine by itself – much like a search engine within the bigger search engine called Google. For this, Mr Doob Gravity created a Javascript that has a whole new way of searching for things online. In order for this to work well, there is a set of algorithms that have been predetermined and put into place for also deliver search results along with entertainment. 

Do you have to do anything extra for Google Gravity SEO? 

Look like a simple thing with just a single feature, it is more than just that. There are a number of things that you can do with this project and all of them can actually add many things to the user experience and to your SEO goals at the same time, which makes this a tool that you need to have for the future. This is just like using Google, so all the regular algorithms of Google would apply as well. 

Are there any other tricks that Google Gravity can show you? 

These are just a few of the things that you can do with Google Gravity by Mr Doob. There are a number of other things like Anagram, Zerg Rush, and even roll down the Mountainside with Barrel Roll – there are about 13 tricks that will keep you riveted when it comes to all the fun times for your break. In keeping with all the hype around End Game and Avengers, a trick that has to do with Thanos called Google Thanos was also created so that you can easily write your own ending to the end game! We hope you have fun with all these tricks! 

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