10 Best Email Marketing Services

What do you see when you open your email inbox? While most people see the messages they get from work, and a few personal messages from those who live far away, there would also be a few emails from companies and portals that you would have subscribed to, and those on your social list. This is called email marketing.

Did you know that email is probably one of the foremost ways of getting in touch with people for targeted marketing purposes? While messaging and personal chats on social media platforms may also do the trick, an email is one of the best and most professional ways to get your brand message across. 

Here’s how, and why?


To reiterate what we said earlier, an email is a professional sounding piece of communication that gets the message across with terms that would refer to the exact need of the reader. Whether it is a b2b email marketing services or a B2C email, this format gives you the scope to actually insert images, attach brochures, work in your links and basically explain the concepts and vision that you are trying to put across.

Easy Reach

Once you have an email database set up, you can always create an email and send it out to your entire email database in a matter of minutes. Instead of laboriously reaching out to one person at a time, you can communicate your latest blog posts, products, services, new offers and so much more on a routine basis without really going through the trouble of typing out each individual email address all over again. Yet, we do have one disclaimer here.

Do put some thought into addressing the needs of your core customers and segment them into separate databases. That way, you can structure emails for these groups and databases individually and address their exact needs the way they would have articulated the same when you reached out to them and procured their email addresses.


You can keep your emails personalized, well designed and even embed an HTML element so that it opens the same responsive way on various devices. The versatility of the email format knows no bounds. Not only can you use it for targeted marketing, but you can also use it to convey the latest news of your company and even reply individually to queries that come up by way of email campaigns.

You can also build a CRM component into your emails so that you can lead people directly to a landing page announcing the next call for action for a new product or some discounts or even a webinar that can easily convert some of these readers and prospects into your loyal customers.

Design Campaigns

This brings us to one of our many favorite reasons to use the best email marketing service – you can actually design a campaign around a season and a series of blog posts that tackle a certain product offering or discounts as well.

This will actually help you directly make a dent in the mind of the reader, rather than getting lost in all the chaos one sees on social media. In fact, your email campaign for the month or the quarter must replicate the campaign you follow on social media so as to create some brand recall value as well!

Reasonably Priced

Creating and sending an email is a cost-effective function that can easily help you amplify your reach with a minimum spend. That is also one of the reasons it is an attractive option for most digital marketing companies and a good agency will always include an email campaign in the overall social media and SEO campaign.

Well, now that we are done with the discussion regarding the advantages of email marketing, it is time to address the next question that may have popped into your head – how to go about creating an email marketing automation and how to manage a database? The answer to that is fairly simple! Email marketing services are here to save the day!

So what do email marketing services really do? They let you craft and design emails as per a campaign. Further, with automated setup, you can be sure that your email is sent to your database at the right time, for the right purpose. Email scheduling, designing, templates and even free trials along with social media sync up to make your life much easier and find which email marketing service is the best.

Here is a quick round-up of the 10 best email marketing services out there in the market: mailchimp is the best email marketing service this is possibly the oldest and the most popular ways to design and indulge in an email campaign. Mail Chimp allows you to choose from varied templates, get the message across in an attractive way, and even schedule those emails! With Mail Chimp, you can also create and manage your email database with relative ease.

Mail Chimp: This is possibly the oldest and the most popular ways to design and indulge in an email campaign. Mail Chimp allows you to choose from varied templates, get the message across in an attractive way, and even schedule those emails! With Mail Chimp, you can also create and manage your email database with relative ease.

Constant Contact: If you are still unsure about how to use emails and how to get your marketing done, you can easily turn to an email marketing service like Constant Contact that gives you a 60 day free trial period.

You can learn while you are at it, and explore all its tools to see which ones work for you and how! By the time your trial period is up, you would be relatively clear about what you want to do with your email campaigns and how you want to go about things. At this point, the various features and reasonable pricing of the platform would help you!

Send in Blue: Now, if you are a startup with a small budget to spare, then this one would be ideal for you. In fact, this is one of the few email marketing services that also offer you a free plan with slightly limited features – but perfect for getting the job done! Also, one great thing about this platform is that it charges you as per the number of emails rather than the number of contacts in your database.

Get Response: This is also a new email marketing service that promises a host of features along with some really cool templates. You can even add a landing page and a webinar signup page to your emails with this platform, which makes your engagement that much more effective!

Drip: Now, this a new platform as compared to the rest, yet it is constantly evolving much like most of the well-established platforms out there. Drip would be ideal for you if you run an ECommerce business that lists several products and conducts many B2B activities. It also helps you chart metrics for various kinds of consumer behavior that happens on your website through the email you have sent, which is a great plus!

AWeber: This one is as old as Mail Chimp and pretty much started the trend of email marketing. With this email marketing service, you get the full spectrum of features and plenty of integrations. You can make use of their wonderful stock of templates. This one is best for businesses that have small teams and want to make a small yet concentrated dent in their niche.

Mailer Lite: Much like its name, this is one of the simplest email marketing services to use. But wait till you see all its features – there are a plethora of tools and options that can actually add much finesse and polish to your email marketing operations including flexible templates and multiple language options!

Keap: With this email marketing service, you will actually get the option of CRM integration which can direct your prospect towards becoming your treasured customers with just a few clicks on its rather robust email and CRM pages.

Convert Kit: This platform is ideal for you if you are a creative professional like a blogger, artist, developer, or any other professional who needs to reach out with communication regarding the latest work and projects even as you target clients for webinars and other monetization projects.

Active Campaign: The best email marketing service provider that it has designed funnels that are based on logic and plenty of testing before your emails are sent out. With careful segmentation, you can actually design emails and manage your databases for a creative and effective marketing push!

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of email marketing and find a place of pride in the inboxes of your target audience, with any of the above email marketing services. You can take your pick depending on the affordability, the various features and also, the size of your team which would be engaged in the marketing effort.

Remember to create well-researched email databases and build a relationship through your email marketing efforts so that you are able to reach out to people with words and solutions that will actually promise to fulfill their needs in the most unique way.