Commercial property

Commercial property owners know that a smooth, well-maintained paved surface is essential to attracting customers and keeping business operations running smoothly.

The type of paving material used is one of the most important decisions you will make regarding commercial paving.

Asphalt is a popular choice among professional commercial paving contractors. It offers many advantages over concrete, including:


Commercial asphalt paving is less expensive than concrete, making it the ideal option for businesses on tight budgets. It’s also more resilient and doesn’t require as much maintenance. In the long run, you’ll save money on repaving, reseal-coating, and repair costs.

Asphalt is a versatile material used for many projects, from parking lots to access drives. It can withstand the pressure of heavy traffic and is not prone to cracking like concrete. Asphalt can withstand extreme temperatures, from scorching heat to freezing rainstorms.

Asphalt is made from a mixture of aggregates and a binder. The aggregates can be crushed rock, sand, recycled materials, or other natural resources. The binder is usually bitumen or tar. Concrete is more expensive than asphalt and requires extensive maintenance to avoid damage from water and chemicals. It’s also vulnerable to expansion and contraction from moisture. This can result in cracks and deterioration over time.

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Asphalt is a common choice for commercial property owners as it can endure heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. It is also less expensive than concrete and requires fewer repairs over time.

In addition, asphalt is easier to recycle and helps reduce pollution. It can be made from recycled car tires and other petroleum-based products. This paving material is also permeable, which helps with drainage and prevents excessive water accumulation in your commercial parking lot.

These commercial paving companies know proper drainage is key to maintaining your pavement for years. Poor drainage can lead to damage and puddles that are both unsightly and dangerous for customers or employees. A properly drained commercial parking lot will have a smooth, even surface that looks great and is easy to navigate for all involved.


Commercial paving is used for various outdoor projects on businesses and property. It can range from parking lots to walkways, adobe patios and driveways, and sports complexes. Commercial asphalt is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicles, and extreme weather conditions. It also has a lower maintenance cost than concrete and is ideal for areas that need to give under heavy load.

As with any paved surface, inspecting the asphalt to identify and address damage quickly and regularly is important. An experienced commercial paving company can help you create an upkeep plan for your business and region. A well-maintained asphalt surface will keep your business running smoothly and look good for years. This will also minimize the need for costly repairs down the road.


Despite its rigidity, asphalt is much more environmentally friendly than concrete. This is due to its commendable recyclability: old asphalt can be recycled and converted into new pavement without losing its structural integrity. This significantly reduces resource waste and pollution.

Asphalt also helps reduce urban heat. Unlike concrete, a poor thermal conductor, asphalt allows water to percolate through it, thus cooling the surrounding environment. This effect is especially noticeable in areas prone to heat islands and urban heat pollution.

Finally, asphalt is a safer option for commercial properties than other surfaces. Its smooth surface prevents people from tripping and falling, making it suitable for areas with high pedestrian traffic, such as retail parking lots. In addition, the material is quieter than other paving materials, which can be an important consideration for areas occupied by customers or employees. This can reduce distractions and encourage productivity. It can also improve visibility for drivers and help them avoid accidents.

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