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Find the best wireless security cameras to protect your home or businesses Leadbloging found 6 ways To protect outdoor security camera.

Protect Outdoor Security Camera is not an easy task. However, you have to follow some essential tips mentioned below. 

Many of the people are asking questions regarding how to protect an outdoor security camera. However, people also ask how to keep spiders or bugs away from security cameras. 

Hence, users are protecting outdoor security cameras from damage and robbery. However, users also ask how to protect the outdoor security camera from clouding and fogging up.

6 Ways To Protect Outdoor Security Camera

These ways will help you to protect outdoor security cameras from various factors easily. However, these tips will also allow you to secure your outdoor security camera.

Nowadays, people are sharing many easy fixes and a few great tips to protect an outdoor security camera. Below the paragraph,  ways have mentions to protect the outdoor security camera. 

1. Keep Insects and Spider Webs away from 

Security Camera protects outdoor security cameras from Insects and Spider Webs. Because outdoor CCTV camera is coming up with IR night vision and infrared light.

However, these floodlights are attracting bugs, mosquitoes, moths, and other insects. Hence, your outdoor security camera will soon covered by dead bugs, spiderweb, and insects.

However, all these insects and spider web will block the external view of the camera. Hence, use insecticide like Bifen or bugs spray to keep bugs away from the security camera. 

However, you can also use petroleum jelly to stop the spider from making the spider web. But few natural insect repellents will help you to keep the insects away from your outdoor security camera.

However, natural insect repellents are lavender, citrus, peppermint, and eucalyptus. You can also keep bugs away from the CCTV camera by cleaning the exterior of the camera regularly.

2. Stop Outdoor CCTV Camera From Stolen, Vandalized, or Blinded

An outdoor security camera is weak to theft and vandalism. Because intruders or thieves will attempt to cover their paths by stealing or damaging the CCTV camera or DVR.

However, protect your outdoor security camera from robbers by using a few essential tips. Hence, mount the camera into the wall with a security mount or screw mount.

However, install the security camera on the walls, soffit, under the eave, or overhang of the roof. Don’t forget to place the DVR in the cupboard, bookshelf, and other hidden positions.

However, make the outdoor CCTV camera tamper-proof. Avoid the camera from being blinded by laser pointer or flashlight. However, use camouflage cover or skins for an outdoor security camera. 

3. Stop Camera From Clouding, Fogging, or Condensation 

Generally, CCTV cameras are sealed up while being assembled. However, these procedures will undoubtedly decrease the way of moisture seeping into the lens.

Many users have told that sometimes their outdoor security camera starts fogging up at night. However, the fogging problem that happens in the early morning will go away some time by itself.

But many of the times, these problem keeps up for an extended period. However, you can quickly solve this problem by spotting the silica gel container inside your house.  

But sometimes, the condensation occurs because the camera is not locked well. However, clean the camera from inside and outside, then mash the foam ring against the glass. Hence, regularly wipe the covers of the exterior lens with a microfiber cloth.

4. Protect Outdoor Camera From Summer, Winter, and Rain

If you are living in an area with a freezing winter and hot summer, then your camera will suffer. However, if your security system is not designed to work in cold and humid weather, then it will hurt. 

Moreover, there are various types of weather conditions that are available from which you need to protect an outdoor security camera. However, purchase the outdoor camera, which can resist the different weather conditions.  

An outdoor security camera with IP rating 66 can easily resist a substantial issue such as dust and rainwater. However, find out the working temperature of the camera. 

Many outdoor security cameras work well in the temperature range between 14°F to 131°F. However, you have to buy the extra rain cover to protect the outdoor security camera.

Hence, using junction boxes to conceal the cables is another way to protect outdoor security camera wires from rain. However, If you have no plan to use the junction box, then correctly conceal the holes. 

Follow the useful tips mentioned below to cover wire holes of the security camera: 
  1. Fill up the gaps with waterproof equipment such as duct seal and silicone.
  2. Prevent the water which will run to the outlet of power through-hole by leaving a drip loop.
  3. Use waterproof covers to conceal the gaps.

5. Protect Outdoor Security Camera From Being Hacked 

A network IP camera has one of the most common defenselessness that it is easy to be hacked. However, hackers will jam your wireless outdoor security camera or decrypt your safety code.

But this problem is quickly solved by boosting your network with WPA2 security protocol. However, make your passphrase difficult and frequently change your passwords.  

Frequently update the firmware of your outdoor security camera, which will help you to deal with the vulnerability. However, all these methods are very much essential to protect an outdoor security camera.

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6. Secure Your Camera From Thunderstorm and Lightning

Protect outdoor security cameras from lightning and thunderstorm. Think about this problem before it damages your essential appliance.

Remember one thing that never mounts an outdoor camera to a metal pole. Because in times of power, spike metals are highly conductive.

However, use the outdoor security camera, which has a weather shield. Remember one thing that your security system is correctly grounded.

If your security system is correctly grounded, then it will decrease the destruction by changing the direction immerse lightning current. However, use the lightning surge protectors, which will help you to stop the voltage spike and surges by obstructing the voltage levels.