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You don’t actually have to create a company from scratch to own and run your own online business. Many businessmen do so because they have the money, expertise, and resources to do so, but there is another way. If you are involved in running your own online company but want to push rapidly through the formative years of traffic production, revenues, and clients, then try purchasing an online business for sale.

The key purpose in purchasing an online company for sale is to raise the time, resources, and expertise commitment required to create a business from scratch whilst also enjoying the benefits of already running an online business. You can also add benefits by adding product customization features to your eCommerce store. Thus, you need to add custom product software and ImprintNext is one of them. 

Buying a company lets entrepreneurs bypass the early stages of starting up, such as long hours, restricted cash flow, product procurement, network installation, traffic and consumer development, and so on, and brings them straight to the beneficial facets of running a business.

If you purchase an online company for sale, you’re placing yourself in a role to invest in internet properties in the same manner as if you were buying intangible properties like real estate. 

Digital companies are like a digital equivalent of tangible properties, and just as real estate values will evolve and flourish with time, so will online business values. “Room” digital assets — like internet businesses — take-up online is beneficial, so purchasing digital assets will also contribute to a return on investment later.

How To Find An Online Marketplaces?

If purchasing an online business for sale sounds like a reasonable idea for you and your entrepreneurial aspirations, it’s important to first establish requirements before you start searching for an online business for sale, so you know what you’re really searching for. 

It can be tempting to get swept up with all the online company ads you see while purchasing and selling products, but by defining some parameters before you start the quest, you can keep yourself from being so wrapped up with what’s on the site to know what your priorities are.

The requirements you give yourself when you are searching for an online business for sale maybe 

  • Product Types: you would just choose to buy a company that offers a particular form of the product. 
  • Certain Niche: You may only want to look for online businesses for sale in a niche you’re familiar with. 
  • Limited Sector: You may also limit your scope by sticking to online companies for sale inside a certain field in which you have expertise. 
  • Business Size: You should only feel confident purchasing an internet company for sale that has a certain amount of staff, selling positions, revenue amounts, etc. 
  • Revenue Earned: you may just want to buy an online company for sale.
  • Income Earned: The key emphasis can be on the sum of income the online company makes. 
  • Customer Base Size: You may only be interested in an online business for sale that provides a certain size of customer base. 
  • Market Model: Suggest filtering online businesses for sale on the basis of their inventories (such as production, distribution, drop-off, etc.) Ecommerce Network: you will only be involved in purchasing an online company that runs on a particular e-commerce network (such as Shopify or Shopify Plus, for example)

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Top Marketplaces to Start Your eCommerce Sales:

When looking at an online business for sale, it’s important for you to examine the listing carefully so that you can understand all the important information you need to know to determine whether it’s right for you.

You need to understand that if you are looking for a complete solution, and have the budget and time for the same, you can always work with the Best E-commerce Agencies. These marketplaces are more for people who want to get up and start right away. If you want to really think about developing a serious business, put some time and energy into the thought and planning process, you should look at working with a specialized E-commerce agency.


Shopify Exchange is one of the newest exchanges you can use to purchase and sell online products and is the only marketplaces that focus exclusively on Shopify companies.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this, but the main advantage is that when you buy an online store for sale on the Shopify Exchange, you know you’re going to get a Shopify store. Since Shopify is one of the industry’s biggest and most widely rated e-commerce platforms (we explore why in our Shopify Review: Pros & Cons on Shopify article) this is a positive thing!

It’s also cool that Shopify sellers link their shops directly into the Shopify Marketplace, and they can’t modify or alter all of the data that’s put through their store’s spelling list including their traffic and revenue figures. This means that you are less likely to have the vendor withheld any of that important information from you.

For vendors, only download the Shopify Swap update to your Shopify store and you’ll be able to attach a summary of the product and set the price from there. To determine your sale price, you will use the Shopify Exchange valuation calculator to calculate the optimal sales price depending on your store’s lifetime income, traffic, social network followers, and/or email subscribers.


Empire Flippers provides a full service and professional approach to purchasing and selling online companies. Their key aim is to reduce the tension that may exist during the buying and sale cycle and to do so by directly screening sellers on behalf of the buyer and guiding sellers step-by-step through the process of selling their company. 

For customers, try out the Empire Marketplaces to find the best online shop for you and pay a 5 percent refundable deposit to get access to 12 months of storage info. Empire Flippers also can promote contact through arranging calls with the vendor, and their staff reviews the details of the shop so that you can make confident that it is true and reliable.

For vendors, Empire Flippers aim to screen out non-serious customers, they can help you earn more profits than you can if you sold your online company on your own, the whole selling cycle is handled on your behalf, plus they have competitively priced advertising fees.


FE International is a website broker with a 94.1 percent sales success rate that offers a fully customized sales process to ensure that the buyer and seller get exactly what they were looking for out of the sales process.

Because they’re a marketplace dealer, they deal exclusively with vendors to better appreciate their business, and then approach their network of customers and figure out who’s right for the company. From there, sellers make business deals, and FE Foreign negotiates to find the best price for the seller. Finally, they ensure that the vendor gives the correct details and assistance to the customer and that they can easily take on the online company and that both the customer and the vendor are satisfied.


Flippa was the first platform used to offer blogs, and it’s now one of the strongest. With over 600,000 users, there’s a lot of interested buyers to sell to, and with 5,000 online businesses and domains on sale every day, there’s a lot of choices in these marketplaces 

Not only can you purchase and sell online companies on Flippa, but there are other digital properties to pick from, such as blogs, domains, and applications. However, if you’re only searching for online companies to purchase, check out their dedicated Shopify and Amazon FBA store pages to narrow down company listings from these different sites.

Flippa also provides its own escrow service for safe payment collection and offers a free appraisal service to sellers so that they can discover the worth of their company. 

Flippa works hard to deliver a smooth and high-quality experience to all buyers and sellers on their platform, and if you’re searching for a lot of options and busy marketplaces, Flippa is a perfect alternative.


Looking for something of a side-hustle than a full-time enterprise to carry over? Start with SideProjectors now. It’s the website to head to if you’re searching for things to do on the side of your 9-5 career. And there are typically small companies or ventures for sale here at more accessible price points. 

this marketplace is also a perfect place for vendors to go to show some ventures that they invested a little bit of time to money into but didn’t completely develop into a completely-fledged company because they could get a little more of a return on their investment. Never leave a side project unfinished again, only using SideProjectors to move funds and projects to anyone eager to do the work.

SideProjectors does not handle any part of the sales process, they just help connect buyers and sellers, so it’s important to do your own due diligence when you choose to buy or sell on their platform. That just implies that they’re not providing an escrow program, and it’s up to buyers and sellers to figure out their own payment plan.


Digital Exits is a brokerage that is built to put the business for a high-value transaction. Specializing in helping to sell large tech companies, they know their stuff when it comes to maximizing the value of a business and getting the best possible price for it. 

They try to identify the right customers for vendors, and they do it by partnering with a selective range of customers in their network who are eager and able to spend. 

Digital Exits takes sellers to navigate the cycle of placing their online company on the market by having a communication strategy in motion, writing an executive summary, handling the deal-flow, and keeping several customers involved in the business that’s on offer.

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Now you’re armed with the skills and details you need to learn to locate an online company for sale or to market your own online business. Using this article’s helpful knowledge, tools, strategies, and marketplaces to find a lot of companies that you can expand and scale over time.

Author Bio – Kevin Cook is an eCommerce specialist for Online T-Shirt Design Software at ImprintNext, who has vast experience in web-to-print technology. He offers valuable tips and solutions about ImprintNext Product Design software and other app extensions.