Folder Inserters

When it comes to managing big projects, events, or campaigns, it can seem like there are ten dozen things you need to be keeping balanced. You have people to please, deadlines to meet, and countless time-consuming practical tasks that need to be seen to. The following will explore just one common task involved in project management and how you can manage it without feeling like you’re on a conveyor belt towards paper cuts and insanity—preparing mail.

Why Does This Matter?

While at first, it might not seem like you spend a lot of time (and therefore money, because time is money when it comes to project management) preparing mail, when you think about the process of folding paper, inserting it into envelopes, and sealing those envelopes—especially if you’re doing this task, say, four hundred times—suddenly you realise you’re using up a lot of time and brainpower. In addition to the costs of preparing mail, you also have the risk of error. There’s wasted paper that coffee dripped on, there are oddly folded sheets that don’t look quite as neat and tidy as you had hoped, and fingerprints. As well, in a post-pandemic world, licking envelopes might not be such a great business practice.

What Is A Folder Inserter

A folder inserter is a device that looks a little bit like a fancy printer. The machine can automatically fold papers, insert the papers into envelopes, and seal the envelopes. This results in complete automation of the mail preparation process.

Saves Time

Of course, the big benefit that immediately comes to mind when you’re thinking about using a folder inserter is the time that can be saved. A letter folder can process up to several thousand letters in a single hour. This can save an incredible amount of time.

Saving Time Improves Employee Satisfaction

Like any job, there are going to be parts of working for your company that are desirable and parts that are not. Reducing the need for repetitive, slow, and menial tasks to be performed by people in your office or workplace can end up contributing to greater employee satisfaction which is critical for a business’ well-being. Your staff didn’t seek out their job because they had a passion for folding papers.


Saves Money

In the world of business, the bottom line is something that cannot be ignored. If you figure out how to improve efficiency and use less of your staff’s time on something like mail preparation, you’re going to save money. You won’t be paying an hourly wage for people to fold papers, place them in envelopes, and seal up the envelopes. Over time, these savings can really add up, which contributes to the growth and longevity of your business.

Improved Accuracy

Another benefit of using a letter folder is the increase in accuracy. Humans can make mistakes, especially if what they’re doing involves a repetitive task. The further into the mail preparation process someone gets, the more likely that they’re going to have gotten a touch lazy with their folds. They’ve also likely zoned out as the task isn’t holding their interest, further increasing the risk of mistakes, wasted paper, or unattractive mail. As well, the rates of paper cuts within your workplace are likely to plummet as people will be handling paper less frequently.

Less Waste

As mentioned above, automating your mail preparation processes can result in less paper wasted. Limiting the amount of paper you waste can also contribute to the environmental friendliness of your business. Sustainability is a vital focus for many businesses and employees around the world. Not only does reducing your paper waste make you feel better about your business, but it can also help your employees feel better about your business, further improving employee satisfaction.


The final benefit of using a letter folding device as part of your mail preparation process is that the device makes the process easier. There are fewer steps involved, and the machines are incredibly simple to operate. Now any of your employees can handle the task of preparing mail, not just those two who have an eye for the aesthetic.

The above information should have explained some of the benefits of using a folder inserting device. When managing projects within your business, it’s sometimes easy to assume that tasks have to be as hard as they are. Almost always, this isn’t the case. There are endless simple solutions to real business problems that can save time, money, improve efficiency, and contribute to a pleasant working environment for everyone present.