5 Ways to Maintain Heli Forklifts in Good Condition

Maintaining the Heli forklift ensures that the lifetime of the machinery is extended. You’ll also manage to keep the costs down while maximizing the uptime. In this context, we’ll focus on the forklift maintenance tips that you should be aware of.

The forklifts cost a significant amount of money, and they can help ensure that the total cost of ownership in your business has gone down. If you want to save a significant sum of money, you should ensure that the forklifts are well maintained and are working optimally. The maintenance costs should be kept as low as possible.

Some of the maintenance tips to consider include:

1.Take Good Care of the Batteries to Ensure the Risk of Damage Has been Minimized

The operators of the forklifts should ensure they have conducted daily checks to make sure the forklifts are in good condition before driving. The battery should be checked, cleaned, and charged, and this should be part of the daily routine, together with checking the electrolytes.

When you clean the batteries, you’ll ensure there is no dust build-up which reduces the lifespan of the battery while damaging it. During the battery charging period, you should not unplug the battery until it is fully charged. There are many aspects of the battery maintenance and Heli forklift that you cannot notice the immediate effects. When you unplug the battery before it is fully charged, its lifespan will go down.

After fully charging the battery, you should ensure it has been topped up with distilled water, and it should be added to the correct level. You should also check the electrolyte levels regularly and top them up when the need arises. By doing so, it will be possible to avoid sulphation. The battery’s capacity will also go down.

2.Look Into Your Forklift Maintenance Goals

It is good to be conversant with your forklift maintenance goals to set up a clear schedule and plan that will help to keep everything on track. If you have a large fleet, you should ensure there is a maintenance schedule. Small operators should also be on the lookout for such.

It is advisable to ensure the forklifts are serviced once every six months. After acquiring the forklift, you’ll notice there is a warranty, and there are some parts that need to be serviced by authorized personnel. You should be aware of the service schedule that aligns with the warranty to avoid invalidation.

Daily, it is important to ensure that the regular maintenance process has been adhered to such that you can maximize uptime and protect the equipment.

3.Prepare According for the Downtime

There are instances when you expect a period of closure, and there are some measures that you should consider if you want to ensure the equipment is protected. As you prepare for the downtime, you should disconnect the batteries to ensure there won’t be an issue with discharging. The main issue with the battery discharge is that it can cause some irreparable damage.

If possible, you should ensure the forklift has not been left inactive for a prolonged period. The batteries should also be refresh-charged. You also need to ensure the batteries are being charged periodically for them to operate optimally. You can get in touch with the Heli forklift dealer, and they will advise you accordingly.

4.Utilize the Expertise of the Local Forklift Dealer

You’ll find that the forklift dealer is knowledgeable about the maintenance and batteries. As a result, you can seek some advice from them. Also, they may be offering maintenance services.

Contact the dealer on time and schedule the maintenance and servicing process of the Heli forklift. By doing so, your business will not experience any breakdowns, and the uptime will be maximized.

5.Invest in the Employees Know-How

If you want the employees to ensure the Heli forklifts are operating optimally, you should ensure they’re well trained. When the employees are well trained, they can operate the forklifts well, and you won’t have to worry as much about their safety in the workplace.

The staff should have the right mindset if you want the Heli forklift fleet to last long. If there is anything that doesn’t seem right, it is important to report it on time.

Final Thoughts:

If you have acquired forklifts recently, you should adhere to the maintenance tips listed above. By doing so, you can ensure the forklifts are operating optimally.


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