Scoring a bargain is always exciting, and there are many opportunities to do so online. There are discounts on various products, from luxury rattan garden furniture to stylish leaner mirrors. However, it is important to remember that prices vary considerably between retailers.


While it’s easy to walk into a shop for one item and come out with a cartful of more, you can get much better prices online. Try downloading a shopping app that compares prices and promo codes for the products you’re considering buying on various sites. And when you’re ready to check out, clear your cookies and shop in private (or incognito) mode so retailers can’t track your purchases.

Apps online are another good option allowing you to shop far-flung home boutiques and direct-to-consumer design brands in one place. You’ll even find pieces with unique maker stories—sometimes up to $1,000 less than the retail price. Visiting promo resource sites that offer promo codes and coupons, including Wayfair coupons, will give you great deals when shopping for your home needs.

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When shopping for homewares, it’s important to find a brand that offers quality products at an affordable price. Thankfully, there are plenty of options online. The homewares retailer sells impeccably trendy and timeless designs. At the same time, the local ceramics brand specializes in functional pieces like planters that double as side tables or hiding places for all your bits and bobs.

The Australian brand linen range is a great place to start if you’re looking for a designer option. The brand uses 100% European flax linen, from duvets to towels, to create a modern and timeless range. The price tag may be slightly higher than other homeware retailers, but the premium quality will make it worth the extra spend.

Australian furniture is a well-known name in the industry thanks to its sustainably-sourced and well-designed furniture and home accessories range. Their contemporary, sleek designs will suit any interior style, while the durable construction means they’ll last a long time.

For a more eclectic selection, the direct-to-consumer design label stocks a wide range of quirky pieces with that je ne sais quoi that makes your home feel like yours. Their bespoke ceramics are particularly eye-catching. Or, if you prefer something more minimalist, Garden Trading has you covered with a range of attractive kitchen and bathroom storage solutions and even pretty versions of humble household items like bins and floor mops.


Whether shopping on the high street or in online boutiques, looking at quality before spending your hard-earned cash is important. Luckily, plenty of homewares retailers offer top-notch pieces at accessible prices.

One of Australia’s most popular furniture and homewares online retailers, offering a wide range of styles to suit any taste and budget. They also host regular sales to make scoring a bargain even easier.

The Aussie-founded minimalist brand is the go-to for hotel-esque sheets, linen duvets, and mattress toppers made from 100% European flax linen. They’re also well known for their range of gorgeous candles and other home fragrances.

Shipping Costs

Many online shoppers find themselves tempted by great deals on homewares during Black Friday, Green Monday, and other one-off shopping events, but expensive shipping costs usually follow these sales. Thankfully, some sellers choose to cover the delivery cost by subsidizing the shipping price or charging their customers exactly what it will cost to ship their orders. This allows buyers to convert based on their priorities and budgets, making the checkout process much smoother for everyone involved.

If you want to avoid charging free shipping, try calculating your shipping rates using real-time carrier rates so you can give shoppers an exact quote before they check out.

Return Policies

Creating a return policy that encourages loyalty and boosts sales is crucial whether you’re selling online or in-store. According to a recent study by Statista, 88% of shoppers say they’d limit or stop shopping with a retailer that takes too long to credit them for their refunds.

Many retailers have flexible returns policies to build customer trust and brand loyalty. In addition to offering free shipping and easy returns, some retailers offer a buy online, return in store (BORIS) option that allows customers to complete the entire process—from buying an item on your website to producing it in your physical store—in one simple step.

Retailers also can set different return periods depending on their logistics capabilities and customer expectations. For example, some stores only allow returns within 30 days of purchase, while others have longer return windows or may exclude certain products from their return policies, such as electronics and cell phones.

Ensure your return policy is clearly outlined on all your online channels, such as on the FAQ page of your website and your in-store signage. You should also include your return policy in any print or digital marketing campaigns you run, including your newsletters and offline promotions. Promoting your return policy ensure that all potential customers know it and can shop confidently.

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