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Lots of marketers, bloggers, and others find tons of value in promoting their personal brand and their organizations on Twitter. In fact, the popular social network boasts over 330 million users according to a study by Oberlo. While not everyone on Twitter is within your target audience or looking for the subject matter you post, there’s certainly huge opportunity within that 330 million.  

Best Ways to Gain Twitter Followers Quickly

The great thing about Twitter is that you really get back what you put into it. That’s not always the case with other social media channels. With Twitter, if you engage and stay active, your following will grow, traffic to your website will increase and your brand will benefit. 

One of the most important things you’ll want to focus on is building your audience. If you only have a handful of followers, your content likely won’t be seen. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to give your following a boost that anyone can do. Let’s walk through a few tactics you can use to gain over 500 followers per month. 


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Follow Accounts For Likeminded Users

This has been one of the most effective tactics for me for growing my following. The key is to find popular accounts where the user posts content similar to the content you post. Then dig through their followers and follow their most relevant, most active followers. 

Not all of the followers will follow you back, but a lot of them will. As you do this, be careful not to overstep Twitter follower limits. You can find out more about that here

As long as you don’t cross the lines, you can grow your audience fairly quickly with this tactic alone. Not everyone will follow you back, so you can unfollow those who don’t to keep your follower/following ratio even. That said, many of the people you follow will follow you back, and you’ll start to reap the benefits.

Since these users have proven to already be interested in the types of content you share, you’ll likely also see a bonus boost in engagement. 

Create Interactive Tweets With CTAs

Do this about once a week. Don’t do it too often, or your other content will become lost, and worse, you will become annoying

What you do is create a post that has a call-to-action (CTA) for users to post their content and then retweet, follow, and share, with the others on the thread. It helps everyone grow, and you benefit just like all of the users who interact. 

Here’s an example: 

You can see that there is clear direction as to what is expected from those who view the post. And there is a clear CTA to follow. As each person engages, make sure you engage back to keep the conversation going. Go ahead and even add a note for users to retweet the post itself to attract increased collaboration. 

This tactic can help grow your following, and just like the first tip,  it has a few added bonus benefits. With this tactic, you can also add a CTA to leave comments on your blog and retweet your tweets to give a boost to both your website and your Twitter account. 

Post Often and Be Consistent

To succeed on Twitter, you need to stay active. If you think to post once a week and then waiting for the results to roll in will work, you’re wrong. That might cut it on a channel like LinkedIn, but on Twitter, you need to prove you’re all in.  

Post often and engage with your followers and others. Use trending hashtags and be consistent in the type of content you post. Your followers will get used to certain types of posts. They’ll think it’s odd if you normally post about content marketing and then suddenly all your posts shift to focus on traveling across Europe. You can sprinkle in a variety of posts now and then but generally try to be consistent as a whole.

Retweet posts from others who share relevant content, and over time they will begin to share your content as well. The more you engage, the more your following will grow. Plus, retweeting someone else’s content is an easy way to keep the content flowing on your own page. 

Wrapping it Up

Twitter can be a hugely valuable tool for marketers. If you are prepared to spend time and effort and be engaged, you will go far. By following the above tips, you can grow your following by 500 or more every month. That’s 6000+ followers each year. So, get your strategy in place, optimize your profile, and start Tweeting. You’ll start to see your stats trend upward in short order. 

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