Bike Lights

Dirt Bike Lights

When the sun sets and the trails beckon, Oxbow Gear has your back with a range of top-quality lights designed to elevate your dirt biking experience. Our dirt bike headlight is engineered to withstand the rugged conditions of off-road adventures, whether you’re tearing up the trails on your dirt bike or embarking on adrenaline-fueled snowmobiling escapades. We prioritize your safety and comfort, providing you with reliable lighting solutions to conquer the darkness.

Dirt Bike Helmet Light

Nighttime riding demands the right lighting setup, and a helmet light can make all the difference. Complementing your bike’s headlights, a helmet light offers unparalleled versatility. It enables you to see around corners, assess upcoming terrain, and scan your surroundings, while your bike’s headlight focuses on the path ahead. Together, these lights deliver maximum visibility and peripheral vision, allowing you to ride confidently even in low-light conditions.

Not all helmet lights are created equal, and Oxbow Gear’s Voyager helmet light stands out as the lightest weight per lumen on the market. Our innovative temperature sensor technology ensures optimal performance by automatically adjusting the light output based on airflow. When your speed increases and airflow rises, the light brightens to provide ideal illumination for your riding conditions.

Beam pattern matters, too, and our lights are engineered to offer smooth, even beam patterns that enhance efficiency and visibility. Maintaining depth perception and avoiding tunnel vision is crucial when off-roading, and our lights are designed with this in mind.

What sets our lights apart is their compatibility with the GoPro® mounting system. This versatility allows you to mount them virtually anywhere, providing you with customizable lighting options. With rugged construction, our lights are built to endure the toughest terrains while continuing to shine bright.

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Dirt Bike Light Bar

The dirt bike light bar is a powerful LED light source designed to be mounted on your handlebars, providing intense and even illumination for your off-road adventures. It comes complete with a wiring harness and switch for effortless installation. If you’re seeking a single, high-powered light source to illuminate a wide area in front of your bike, the light bar is the ideal choice.

Dirt Bike Voyager Hardwired Light Kit

For those who prefer a more customizable lighting solution, our dirt bike light kit is the perfect fit. Utilizing GoPro mounts, you can position the light exactly where you need it—whether on your number plate or handlebars. The kit includes everything you need for a straightforward installation, including a wiring harness. It offers flexibility for adjusting the lighting to suit your specific requirements in any situation.

When it comes to off-road adventures, Oxbow Gear is your trusted source for high-quality dirt bike lights. With smooth beam patterns, lightweight design, and GoPro® compatibility, our lights are tailored to enhance your riding experience. Explore our selection today and discover the difference for yourself!


What type of light is best for night riding on a dirt bike?

Helmet lights are considered the best for night riding on a dirt bike because they provide a wider range of vision compared to traditional headlamps that only illuminate the path in front of the rider.

How many lumens do I need for a dirt bike light?

The number of lumens you need depends on your riding style. For cruising on trails, 1000 lumens is sufficient. If you want to go fast, opt for 2000+ lumens.

Can I use a dirt bike light bar on the street?

No, most dirt bike light bars are not street legal because they do not meet the DOT requirements for lighting on public roads.

How do I install a dirt bike light kit?

Dirt bike light kits usually come with installation instructions that include mounting brackets, a wiring harness, and a switch.

What is the lifespan of a dirt bike light?

The lifespan varies based on the type and quality of the light. LED lights have a longer lifespan than halogen lights and can last up to 20,000 hours. All our products come with at least a 2-year warranty.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Dirt Bike Lights:

Brightness: Ensure your lights provide ample illumination for safe trail navigation.

Weight: Opt for lightweight lights to avoid adding unnecessary weight to your bike.

Battery life: Choose lights with extended battery life to keep you illuminated for hours on end.

Mounting options: Look for lights with versatile mounting options that suit your bike and riding style.

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