Choosing a Great Domain Name

The First Question that comes in mind while starting a New Blog is “What must be my blog’s Domain Name”. Below are some tips for choose a Great Domain Name.

 Isn’t it?.

In this article, we will do the comparison, Read Do’s and Don’t Do’s, understand the meaning and Importance of Choosing a Great Domain name, and Finally How to Choose a Great Domain Name + A lot more.

Your Domain name is the representative of your brand and Blog. That’s why choosing it carefully is one of the most important key factor to a successful Blog.

It must be:

  • Short
  • Easy to remember
  • Represent your brand and blog
  • Look and sound Good
  • And More….

So, Why it is Important to Choose a Great Domain?

There are still so many reasons which affect your Traffic, SEO, and Earning. A bad domain name is one of them. Once you have chosen a domain for your blog then you would have to stick with it for the whole life! You might change your Hosting Provider from time to time in search of better but not Domain. Once your blog becomes a bit popular there no chance of changing it.

If in the future you want to change your domain name, you will lose your Alexa and Google Ranking because they are associated with the domain.

General Domain names VS Keyword Domain Name

The domain name can be mainly divided into two parts:

  • General Domain Names – A brand name like Yahoo which doesn’t have any specified meaning and can be used to run a website with any niche.
  • Keyword Domain Name – A Domain which represents your niche type such as It will restrict you to the blogging content. 

Both types have their own benefits. A general domain name helps you to Post content on any topic and the keyword domain makes it easy to remember and tell everybody your niche.

How to choose between them?

If you want to run a big company and expand your business later a generic (general) domain is the best option but running a Small niche website for health, car wash, etc a keyword domain name is the best option. For example, a search marketing journal is all about digital marketing and conversion optimization. so they chose  So always remember about your niche first.  


  • Understand your needs, Generic or Keyword Domain.
  • Know your niche type.
  • Check for government legal, So you won’t register any trademark or copyright of any company.
  • Choose it as short as possible, (you can choose a long one also, but it must be easy to learn).
  • Check Whether It is easy to pronounce.
  • Check whether you can tell the domain to someone over the phone, for ex: if its Blognauts then they won’t type blognots or blognotes.
  • Always go for a .com domain.
  • Uniqueness is great.


  • It must not include numbers or hyphens.
  • Not Similar to your competitor’s site.
  • Not tell something else – ex: Domain is, but you post content on Dog Care.
  • Never change your domain after building it or start a new one!

Why Go for a .com Domain?

.com is a globally recognized domain extension. There are So many domain extensions available, but .com is still on the first. 

What could be better than this: When on Internet browsers like IE or Chrome, If you press Ctrl+Enter on the address bar it automatically adds .com after it and launch the site.

.Net and .Org are also popular but .com is the best. Most people don’t know any other domain extension except .com! 

Some more things you must be aware of!

Legal Conflict: You might get in trouble if you registered any company’s trademark or copyright. You may be asked to drop the domain! Spending a bit of time on researching the rival or company trademark is a very good investment. It ensures that you are not registering any one’s right and they might not sue you.

You can use Content Protector: There are so many websites available such as which Protects your content from being Stolen. This ensures that the content you are writing won’t be stolen and used by any other blogger.

Scammers: The internet is full of the scammer who might want to scam your site. Be sure you register your domain under ICANN (Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers). Do some research for it!

Build your own Recipe: Don’t Cage yourself under this restriction, Always think outside the box. Add some of your won flavors and make your own decision. There are so many Popular blogs with hyphens and Numbers! Use some of the online tools!

There are so many free services which allow you to find the perfect domain!

Some of them are:

#1. Domains Bot – 

#2. Domain Suggest Tool –

#3. Name Tumblr –

#4. Bust a name –

Some Tips while Choosing a Generic Domain Name:

  • Don’t use nonsense words such as
  • If You choose a non-meaning word, see if there’s any sense in it for example: blogingger is not a meaningful name but easy to remember.
  • Choose Words which are easy to remember

Some Tips While Buying a Domain Name(Buying Domain like a Po):

  • Don’t buy any hosting from companies like NameCheap. However, they would offer cheap domain names but they have a high web-hosting cost.
  • There are always many coupons available online which may cut around 10-30% of your cost.
  • Always register a Domain for 10 years – So, that visitor may know that you are serious about your business.
  • Register all the TLDs available for the domain.
  • Don’t Post your Unregistered Domains on Forums asking for “which one is better”
  • Always check whether it is an expired domain or never registered.


The domain name is the spirit of a blog and business. It helps a business to expand itself and allows a blogger to show their talent to the world.