Business Data

Data is the new oil and digital criminals are out to get their hands on as much of it as possible and in any way possible. Some cybercriminals are a little smarter and are not just after the data itself but are after the businesses that create that data. They aren’t looking to crash the business and steal the data, they just want a piece of the action and they want the business to continue doing what it is doing. This way they don’t have to work for the data themselves and by being silent observers quietly take all the benefits of the hard work done by the organization. Moreover, with the developments in the tech space, criminals are using this data for all kinds of nefarious deeds. 

In some cases the data stolen is secondary, and what the criminal wants is access to the computer resources in a business, to increase his or her own computational power. This is particularly the case with cyber-attacks aimed at stealing processing power so that the cybercriminal can use this power to drive their own crypto mining operations. Whatever the purpose or the nature of the attack is, the bottom line is that the victim suffers. For businesses, this can be a fatal problem. Here are some solutions to keep yourself and your businesses better protected.

Security Updates

The latest update on your favourite software or app is not just for a performance gain, it is usually a big step forward in security. The problem is that most people put off updating their devices till they are free, and in most cases never get around to it. It is an even bigger problem with individuals and businesses using pirated software that never receives any updates. Using an old version of software exposes you to a plethora of security risks. It’s only because the previous version has been successfully compromised that the developer is sending out an update for its users. Stay up to date.


It’s not surprising that people have a hard time remembering their passwords these days. Whether it is a social media account, a bank account, an email account, or a business network, there are so many credentials to remember that it’s nearly impossible. This is why people often use the same credentials or at least the same password across multiple platforms. This not only makes your job a little easier, but it also helps to make the cyber attacker’s mission a lot easier. If they are able to crack one password, everything is compromised. Attackers know this and the first thing they will try when they find a usable set of credentials is to try it on as many platforms as possible to get their foot in the door. Once you have been successfully locked out, they are free to do whatever they want.

 Storage Solutions

Backups are great, but not that great if they are in a compromised location. Ideally, your backup solution should not only be safe from physical threats like being stolen or damaged but should also be safe from digital threats. To solve this, most people rely on cloud solutions. But picking the right one to help you out when staying safe is concerned can be more challenging than you might have thought. You need to look at the specific security protocols they are using, the basic user safety policies they have, and the overall level of functionality you will receive. If you need data at a specific link to be password protected when you share it through the cloud environment, and your service provider doesn’t offer this service, that isn’t going to be a great solution.

Network Connections

Attackers know that trying to gain access directly into a system is not only time-consuming and difficult, but it also is not even possible at times. However, if that system is connected to a network, such as an internet, then things are a bit different. Network exploits are some of the most common kinds of attacks and these can lead the attacker to all kinds of devices in your home. As long as you are connected to the internet, and that connection isn’t secure, your security is compromised. Ideally, you should have some kind of VPN, proxy, or firewall to protect your business connection.

Network Connections

Small to medium-scale businesses are under the impression that they are not good targets. However recent cybercrime statistics indicate that the majority of cyber-attacks are targeted towards SMEs’. This is because these institutions rarely have any security protocols in place, the overall IT infrastructure is weak and full of loopholes and once they are in, there is a very low chance that their presence will be detected. For all kinds of business, investing in digital security is investing in your own safety and the safety of your employees and clients.

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