call centers In Jamaica

When we talk about recent developments in Jamaica, it has positioned itself as a “knowledge economy,” and plans are on the way to create more opportunities for the BPO sector. Many MNCs have successfully signed contract with call centers in Jamaica and outsourced their non-primary business functions like payroll, human resource, customer service, sales support, and customer relationship management.

Today, there are industry-specific BPO services in Kingston and other major cities like Montego Bay and Spanish Town. Thanks to the favorable government and Jamaica’s strategic location, it has made it a hotspot for business process outsourcing. If you are looking to up your game as a business leader, cost-effective outsourcing solutions from this Caribbean island nation can tick all your boxes.

Learn How a Business Can Benefit From Business Process Outsourcing in Jamaica.

 Skilled workforce

The most challenging part businesses face while outsourcing is finding out the right skill-set that matches with their standard. Most developing nations lack the work culture and perspective of a business in a developed country. But, call center services in Kingston Jamaica meet the expectations of MNCs for decades. The Jamaica’s University of Technology is a hot bet for qualified IT professionals. School and university-level programs educate each student for language proficiency, soft skills, managerial skills, and the latest technology.

It would be better to find out  with branches located in other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Albania, Morocco, Philippines, India, El Salvador, etc. A global BPO provider with a physical location in Jamaica will have a better perspective of different target markets. As a business, you can benefit from its low cost of labor and nearshore location.

 Rapidly Developing Infrastructure

Thanks to the government of Jamaica for making rapid developments in the field of the outsourcing market. It has created enough ability to meet the needs of US and Canada-Based businesses. Whether it’s technological improvements like high internet connectivity or the latest call center software, the government is making considerable investments. You can zero in on voice process services in Kingston, Jamaica to handle inbound customer service or outbound telemarketing.

 Same Time Zone as The USA

Jamaica shares the same time zone with the US. Jamaica is in the Central Time zone for half of the year and the other half in the Eastern Time zone. This makes it an excellent nearshore destination for US-based companies. Providing onsite training is a breeze as you can reach Jamaica in an hour or three from major US airports.

 The Latest Trend

The recent COVID-19 has resulted in downgrading economic growth. As a result, most companies are looking to outsource on a budget. Call center services in Kingston Jamaica increased in demand due to affordable prices. The tax relaxations and low cost of labor in Jamaica are vital reasons why BPO services come pocket-friendly.

Jamaica is full of experienced workforce and English speaking population. Consider partnering up with call centers In Jamaica for dependable call center services.

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