Best Live Chat Software Tools

Live Chat software has genuinely improved customer experiences in the digital market. People are loving the way they get their responses from e-commerce companies or for that purpose any other web-based enterprise.

Quick and easy resolution of their complaints is making them loyal to this sector of the service industry. They have started to trust the companies as they find somebody sitting on the other end to entertain them. It has become a necessity for web-based enterprises now to get their customer dealing as life as possible. Leadbloging has collected Some of the best live chat software that can help your business growth have been discussed below.

Find Some Best Live Chat Service Providers

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1. Olark

They know that customers want to talk to you. They help in making it easy. You can try a live chat for free. They have the following features in their kitty:

  • Easy access to chat transcripts
  • Chatbox can be matched with the brands
  • Automation of messages via chatbots is available
  • Live chat analytics and consultancy is available
  • Customized chatbox forms
  • Realtime customer engagement
  • Flexible monthly billing
  • Integration with social media and other platforms is made possible.

Pricing starts from 12$ per agent per month to 19$ per agent per month for Olark, which is quite competitive.

2. Live Chat

They want you to connect with customers more to grow your business. They provide a 14 day free trial for your experience. Some of their biggest clients are McDonald’s, Ikea, Pay-Pal & Unilever. This fact is sufficient to grow your trust in them as your service consultant for live chats. They work via an end to end service platform where you can get help in both sales and support. Automation of these services is available too.

They boast to be capable of integrating over 170 apps and websites that you might currently be working on like LinkedIn, WordPress, etc. Currently, LiveChat is providing services to clients in more than 150 countries. They are also preferred because of a 24*7 support team.

3. Zendesk Chat

Either it is striking new conversations or following the old ones, Zendesk is an expert live chat platform. Customers are 3 times more likely to make an online purchase in case of a live chat sales pitch. Zendesk trains their executives in your products and gets them so well versed with your operations that customers are satisfied every time.

They operate with features like:

  • Triggers
  • Pre-chat and Online forms
  • Visitor lists
  • Chat Ratings
  • Chatbots

Their prices are very diverse, and range according to the needs of 5$ per agent/month to 199$ per agent/month. 

4. HelpCrunch

Helpcrunch is a customer communication platform for support marketing and sales. They are experts in live chat, email marketing automation, and knowledge base software. They have received the highest ratings on many review platforms.

They are good in the integration of your live chats with your Facebook handle. This can be a relief for owners who want to directly interact with customers, from time to time. They charge nominally at 15$ and can customize the charge plans according to your enterprise needs

5. Helpscout

It is yet another platform for live chat and is known for its ease of operation. They work to resolve your customer problems at the fastest pace. They have served a clientele of 10000+ businesses. They have a team inbox feature where you can keep a lot of people on the same page. The in-app messaging feature is also an excellent one.

They offer their services at 20$ per user per month. The offers are customizable. They have special packages for start-ups who can avail of huge discounts for the first year. This proposition is a very important option. You might be intrigued to know that they plant one tree per customer.

6. Intercom

Intercom is a modern live chat system that is customizable both initially as well as during live chat operations. They also help in developing collaboration between sales and support teams, which is quite a challenging task in every organization.

Their essential package works at 87$/month which has features like live chat, customer data targeting, and insights, intercom value tracking, targeted push notifications to new and existing clients. If you opt for the Pro package you are charged at the rate of 153$/month which includes automated messages.

The overall value system of a company is decided by how robust there sales and support department is. You cannot ask for customer loyalty these days without opening up to them in the most responsive way possible. Live chats make it easy to bring profits and make sure that sales closure is not left at the mercy of the customer’s short state of behaviour.