Content Camel

It is no surprise that organizations cannot thrive without sales. That is because sales are the backbone of every business. Sales teams have a crucial role to play in making successful sales. So, they must perform efficiently and productively. 

For empowering your sales team, you must provide them with the best tools and resources. Sales enablement software is one of the tools that will help them perform better. Well, the market is flooded with plenty of sales enablement software, making it a challenging task to find the perfect fit. 

Content Camel is one of the names that you will come across when looking for a good sales tool. It is comparatively a new software than most of the others. But what makes it special and different is that it is developed for small and medium-sized businesses. Other sales enablement tools focus on large businesses only. 

Well, this is not the only thing that makes it unique. In today’s post, we have reviewed this software in detail. 

What is Content Camel?

Content Camel is a wonderful sales enablement software created to improve sales performance. It offers useful features that help sales teams enhance their efficiency and productivity. The platform will enable sales reps to organize content, making it easy to find. With the help of this software, you can have marketing and sales content in one place. 

What To Expect?

The software has plenty of valuable features. Here is a list of some of the best ones. 

  • Organization– One of the best features is a stress-free organization. The sales and marketing teams can sort content through funnel stages, content age, type, tags, and more. It will enable the sales reps to find the required content or asset without any difficulty. So, the sales reps can close a deal fast and increase the number of successful sales. 
  • Content Management– It will allow you to manage all types of content in a central place. Sales reps will not have to switch between different platforms for accessing required information. The software makes it hassle-free to find the information they are looking for and close deals quickly. Also, the sales tool has search, find, and track capabilities. It helps in reducing the time it takes to find the right content
  • Analytics– Wouldn’t it be better if you could figure out which of the content is working well and which is not. The software allows you to do it through sales analytics. Not only this, but you will be able to use the latest content and keep a track of popular content. 
  • Sales Stack Integration– Content Camel will allow sales reps to use it with other platforms such as Outreach, Pipedrive, SalesLoft, Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail. 
  • Google Drive Integration– Thanks to this software, sales reps can import and export content from almost anywhere on the go. You can work online and offline, allowing sales reps to work from anywhere in the world. 
  • Shareable Links– Another great feature that you can expect is to create shareable links. When the sales or marketing teams upload any content, it will create a shareable link automatically.
  • Free Trial– It offers something that most of the software lacks is a free trial. But not Content Camel. The sales tool has a free trial for all users so they can assess whether it is suitable for their business needs or not. 
  • Customized Buying Experience– The sales platform enables sales reps to share the content according to customers or prospects. By providing the right content on time, prospects or customers will have a great experience. 


Following is the list of features that we liked about the software. 

Makes Managing And organizing Content Easy

Organizing all your marketing and sales content in one place was never easy before. Thanks to Content Camel, you can have easy access to datasheets, posts, videos, blogs, white papers, etc. You will not have to switch between platforms. 

Searching For Content 

We know how much time sales reps spend looking for the right information. Not anymore! With the search, find, share, and track capabilities, sales reps can find what they are looking for when making a deal. 

Know Which Content Is Working

With the help of analytics, you can get real-time metrics and insights. You can determine which content is working wonders and which is falling flat. 


Here is a list of things we disliked in this sales tool. 

Can Only Be Used Through Extension

You can only use it through a Chrome extension. It means you will not be able to download it on your device like Android, Mac, or Windows. 

No Usage Tracking Capabilities

Another drawback of this software is no usage tracking ability. With the help of sales analytics, you can determine which content is working, but you are unable to figure out who is using it. Whether your employees or prospects are using it or not. 

No Proper Training 

Not that the sales platform is complex or hard to use, but in-person training ensures that all the sales reps are on the same page. Content Camel is easy to use and set up and requires no additional skills. It will be better to get everyone on board using in-person training. The software comes with webinars, documentation, and live sessions. 

Final Verdict

With the help of Content Camel, you can streamline your sales. It is the perfect platform for allowing sales and marketing teams to improve sales performance. Since it is easy to use, your salesforce will not have a challenging time using or setting it up. 

The sales enablement platform is perfect for medium to small-sized companies as it will not cost an arm and a leg. You can subscribe to it for as low as $15 per month. A great thing about this software is that you don’t have to commit for the long term. It means you can subscribe to it on monthly basis. You can even subscribe to it for a year for $162. 

Get Content Camel to enhance the sales performance and productivity of your team.