If you ask a beginner SEO analyst about alt tags optimization, he/she might give you a simple way to do it. These replies are like, stuff the keywords or write the image name. Do you think that it is less important in SEO? Then why are you doing it without putting in any effort? Yes, alt text and title text should be optimized for SEO with serious considerations. 

Maybe they sound less important to you, but they are very important for Google and other search engines. And who will rank your website on search engine results pages (SERPs)? Yes, it is Google that will help you rank better. So why don’t you analyze the alt tags optimization more? It will be very effective for your SEO ranking on any search engine. If you don’t know much about it, then we are here to help you with it. 

What Is Alt Text And Title Text?

Let’s start with knowing more about alt text and title text. Both of these are related to image optimization. Using images in your posts is a good thing. It helps users understand more about the topic you are covering in a post. An image speaks about it to the user. To make it more simple we use captions to explain our images to users, but what about search engine crawlers? 

Are they capable of having a look at your online image editing free and then understanding what it contains? No, they have to be provided with information in text form. That is why we use alt text and title text and its optimization is called title and alt tags optimization. 

Importance Of These Attributes

These two tags are attributes used with an image code on your website. It looks like this: 

<img src=“football.jpg” alt=“football” title=”football”>

These two attributes are important because they are used to tell search engine crawlers what the image is about. Two factors matter and make title and alt tags optimization more important. These two factors are SEO and visually impaired users. 

Ways To Optimize Images With Alt & Title Tags

Now let’s discuss the main topic. What are the proven ways to optimize the images with alt and title tags? Mainly alt tag is used for SEO services and while the Title tag is just used for iframes and to give a tooltip to the user, otherwise, the title tag is not that important in optimization. That is why many SEO audit tools focus on alt tags optimization. Following are some methods to optimize al tags.

#1. User Descriptive Tags

The first thing you have to keep in your mind is to write descriptive tags. You have to describe the image content through your alt tag text but always keep in mind your text should be relevant to your topic also.

#2. Using Focus Keyphrase

To do alt tags optimization you need to use the focus keyword. This is not a compulsion sometimes but you should do it for better ranking. Having a focus keyword in your alt tag text will help you rank higher also.

#3. Ecommerce Recommendations

If you are running an eCommerce website then there are some special recommendations for you. If your product page has product images then simply put product name and some other details like product id or product category. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Writing Text

Keep in mind the above two things, the first is writing a descriptive tag and then optimizing it with a focus keyphrase. But still, there are a lot of other things you have to keep in mind while doing alt tags optimization. 

#1. Short & Concise

You have to write a descriptive alt tag text. But it doesn’t mean that you will write a long tag. Long alt text will be confusing users along with search engine crawlers. So the best practice is to use the short and concise alt tag text. The short text is the best way to do alt tags optimization.

#2. Relevant To Image

If you are just writing an alt text which is relevant to your post but not to the image, then this is the worst thing you can ever have in image optimization. Because describing the image to users and search engine bots is the topmost priority of alt text. 

#3. No Extra Stuffing

A very common mistake people make in alt tags optimization. They unnaturally stuff keywords. Sometimes not using a keyword in the alt tag is better than overstuffing it forcefully. 

#4. Exclude Unnecessary Words

Some webmasters are adding unnecessary words like “photo of..” or “picture of..” while writing alt tags. But adding these unnecessary words is not a good idea. Never use such words. 

Don’t try to skip alt tags optimization in your website SEO. Because search engines are very serious about these tags. They provide user experience and also they are helpful in SEO. Sometimes your post starts ranking after good image optimization. Your tags should be descriptive and must have some keywords so that they can rank better.