Team Building Activity

If you go for a team-building activity, it can be expensive but there are some games that help in team-building and one of them is Escape Room team building. It is not only affordable but also a great way to enhance communication, collaboration, and team efforts. This game can be played in both face-to-face and online ways. It helps to strengthen relationships in a team. The skills can be effective as well as long-lasting for the people. This article will help you identify the perks of this game and how it helps you to build an effective team.

  • Improves Team Spirit 

When you achieve something as a team, you get a sense of victory. Team spirit is very important for this game and when you work together, you build up relationships that have an effect in the long run. You get only 60 minutes to escape and if you do not work as a team then you won’t be able to get out of it.

  • Improves Communication 

The major part to excel at this game is communication. The puzzles which you have to solve need collaboration and teamwork. In this game from Fox in a Box Chicago, having a sharper mind is much more important than having a loud voice. The puzzles improve the communication among the members.

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  • Identifies the strength 

There is a different way for everyone to work and this game helps a team to identify their personal strengths to complete a complicated task. If you use your strength as a team rather than as an individual, there are more chances that you will crack the puzzle and get out of the room in much less time. 

  • Encourages Creativity and Problem-Solving 

The main focus of this game is problem-solving. To solve the puzzles, you need the presence of mind and your creativity levels at peak. The time pressure on the person can dim the creativity but that is what the game is all about. To apply your skills at the best, you need to work as a team. 

  • An affordable and effective way 

Team building activities at a workplace are expensive. But when you look at this game, this is not only affordable but effective too. So taking your group to play this game can be a very good way to increase their collaboration skills and increase their productivity by working as a team. This game can cater to a group of almost 15-20 people so this is an affordable way to make a group participate together.

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  • Make Good Memories 

Working as a team as well as making good memories is all you want for your group to have together. This game encourages people to apply their strengths, communicate, make decisions and also make good memories together. The game allows you and your group to make the best team together.

Fox in a Box in the US and Intermission ( a VR Escape Room ) in Sydney are some of the best Escape Rooms that we suggest because they are affordable as well as provide you with the best experience. The puzzles here come with different themes and provide you with a real-life experience to enhance your team skills and bring out the best of everyone in the group.