Mobile phone tracking software

Businesses these days are suffering from cyber security no time ever before. Since the cellphone devices are on the rise and have evolved to the next level including in business firms. The malicious malware can clean your cellphone device filled with business-owned data likewise, emails, bank statements, and passwords, business documents stored and sharing on instant messengers, and many other activities alike. Moreover, employers want to know threats within as well and they want to prevent all the dangers from the rouge employees working in a business firm. Therefore, you need to install a Mobile phone tracker app for the security of the business.

What is Mobile phone tracking software?

It is one of the best business security tools that developers have designed and developed for data backup, prevention of fishy activities of employees, and the online hackers. You can use it on business-owned devices having physical access to it. In further enable you to use its powerful features to shift all the data stored on the cloud. Moreover, you can get to know all the activities of employees in working hours on business provided mobile devices to the fullest. You can get to know screen activities, calls, emails sent/received, keystrokes applied, voice, and video chats on social media platforms installed on a business owned cellphone device.


OgyMogy cellphone surveillance app can monitor mobile devices and tablets running with the Android operating systems. Moreover, it will work secretly even on the latest version of Android OS 10 and on the above devices.

How to install & use a mobile phone tracker app?

You can get to know what employees are doing on the company-owned cellphone devices and further you can prevent cyber –attacks. However, you need to get your hands on the OgyMogy official website. Once you are on the webpage then apply for the subscription instantly. You will get the credentials and license via email. Now get physical access on the targeted device and further start the process of installation. Moreover, end up with the setup successfully and finally use the credentials that you have got to activate the web portal. In addition to that, get access to powerful surveillance tools for business safety and surveillance.

Use mobile phone tracking app Features

Screen recording

You can perform screen recording on the employee’s cellphone using live screen recorder software. Moreover, you can record short videos of the mobile screen and send it to the web portal.

Call recording

Users can record and listen to incoming and outgoing calls using the call recorder app and save the calls data on the web.


Users can remotely capture screenshots of employee’s activities and schedule plenty of screenshots by sending plenty of commands at once.

Data backup

Users can save the data stored on the web portal and having a cyber-attack and data got cleaned up then you can retrieve it back again.

Email tracker

Use can monitor all the sent/received emails of Gmail using email tracker software.


OgyMogy mobile tracker software is the best tool for business owners to prevent online attacks on business devices and prevent employees to perform fishy activities.

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