Track Someones Location By Cell Phone

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder where your child or partner is spending their free time. You ask them about it, and the stories never seem to add up. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

People in similar positions turn to Minspy – a cell phone spy app great at pinpointing locations. Think of it as an Ai-powered detective that gives you accurate location history, so you never have to ask where your target spends their time.

How Does Minspy Work?


Minspy is a 2MB file that can accurately record everything in a target device. That includes location history, call logs, social media chats, and more. The app uses military-grade GPRS technology to place the target phone on a Google map, and it works in real-time.

There’s also a SIM tracking feature that acts as a secondary location spying option. The app communicates with cell towers to accurately show the location of the target device. It will also detect SIM card swaps and display the IMEI number of a target device on demand.

However, it is worth noting that Minspy and other spy tools rely on an internet connection to communicate to servers. That means you might not get the location data when it happens, but the app keeps a record of the location trail and sends it to your dashboard when the phone comes back online. You will never miss any location data when using this app.

Who is Minspy Designed For?

Minspy works for concerned parents, employers, and people in relationships. And the reason is simple – the app operates silently in the background, collecting information on the target device. That includes call tracking, social media messages, and location history, all without spooking the target. 

Most of the app’s customers are employers looking to keep tabs on their employee’s location trail. That’s because they can create one or more geofence zones that alert them when the target leaves or enters the predetermined areas. This feature also comes in handy to people in the transport sector, where tracking is crucial to success.

Still, the app services a fair share of parents and people in relationships. These people usually fall in love with Minspy’s call and social media tracking features. They also speak positively about its user-friendliness and brilliant stealth mode.

What does Minspy Bring to the Table?

Minspy might be a lightweight app – with just 2MB under its belt – but it packs a punch. It has 12 features, all designed to paint a clear picture of your target’s online activities. However, this article focuses on the tracking function only.

SIM Tracking: View the current status of the SIM card, including the location, IMEI number, and carrier information. You will know when the target changes the phone number, moves to another area, or tries to mess with the phone’s identity. Get an instant notification the minute changes are detected.

Track Location: Take advantage of this highly accurate location tracking feature. It places the phone on a Google map, giving you coordinates within a 20-meter radius of the target. The app also stores this information in a hidden compartment when offline then sends it straight to your dashboard when the target device comes back online. That means you’ll never miss an update.

Geofence Alert: Create one or more zones on a Google map and get alerts when the target enters or leaves the areas. That is a game-changing feature for people in the transport industry and even concerned parents and partners. 

Stealth Mode: Not necessarily a tracking feature, but this app wouldn’t be so successful without it. It is the part responsible for hiding the app from the target. And it does this by removing the icon from the app lists and creating hidden compartments for storing data when offline. It will also delete any data sent to the servers to reduce the load on the target phone’s memory.

How to Track Someone’s Location Using Minspy


To use Minspy, you’ll need an account and subscription. So, visit, then submit your best email address and create a strong password. Then remember to keep this log-in safe from prying eyes. 

After signup, the website will take you to the packages page, where you get to choose a suitable option. That is where you select a cheaper annual subscription or go with the more expensive month to month option.

Pay using any of the available methods, and the website will take you to the download page. This link holds the application that goes into the target phone. You can download this app from the target device or on another phone, then send it to the target device. Whatever you do, make sure it ends up on the phone you intend to monitor.

Installation is quick and easy. However, some people run into problems because the app is not from the Google Playstore. Minspy has found a way around this and their support team is more than happy to help. Just contact them via live chat if you have any issues.

The app will ask for several permissions during the installation process. So, be sure to agree with everything to guarantee a successful installation. Any blunders at this point might mean starting the installation again.

After installation completes, log in using the credentials used on sign up, then hit okay. And that’s it. 

Now head to from another device, then open the account using the same email and password used in the step above. It will take you to a dashboard with everything you need to know about the target device. Enjoy!

Over to You


Minspy is the closest you can get to a holistic surveillance tool without breaking the bank. You will track location in real-time and even have a complete location trail of the target. The app also allows you to monitor the SIM card, which is a game-changer for employers and people in relationships.

We’ve also shared how you can get started using this app in under 10 minutes so you can have complete control over your target. Now it’s time to get started! 

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