How developing apps like Snapchat would be beneficial amid the COVID-19 times

Snapchat is one of the widely used apps, especially among teens and young adults. During its launch phase, it was an instant messaging app that allowed messages to disappear after reading. But slowly, it added new features, and now it is one of the widely exclaimed apps for messaging and public video sharing. According to Bloomberg, it has over 10 billion views per day. Snapchat clone app development will be beneficial for people and bring substantial profits to investors during these tough times.

The usage of Snapchat has spiked after the pandemic outbreak. There were some changes made to the Snapchat app to create awareness and assist people during the hour of need. Here are some of them:

  • They are conducting several webinars to spread awareness amongst people. Apart from these sessions, special focus is given on topics like fitness regimes, educational apps, food & beverages, etc. 
  • The use of real-communication facilities, such as video and voice calls, has been more than ever. Snapchat reports it has witnessed a 50% increase throughout March in its usage of time spent in calling. These details are presented after comparing it with February usage.
  • “The group chats and snap engagement has reached an all-time high,” states the Snapchat website.
  • The news provided in discovery is fact-checked and curated in order to avoid miscommunication during the COVID-19 times.
  • Snapchat is working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and some other trusted organizations to keep people up to date.
  • As per Snapchat reports, around 445 discovery stories are posted related to Snapchat, and 68 million Snapchaters have viewed content related to COVID-19. Over 40% of Gen Z in the US have tuned content to stay updated.

The main aspect that sets Snapchat apart from other social media platforms is its features. So let’s look at the aspects of recreating Snapchats’ best features:

Features to consider while building a Snapchat clone app:

Self-destructive messages 

Sending messages through Snapchat is simple; users have to open the app and then swipe right. Then select the friend to send the messages. Now they can either send text messages or video snaps. Once the recipient checks the message, it will automatically vanish. Here’s how it works: Snapchat clone app stores the messages in the temporary mobile memory. Once viewed, it gets deleted from the temporary memory and also from the Snapchat server. The messages will also be deleted if they are not viewed for 30 days. This feature cannot be disabled. So the next time you open the chat, it appears as a new thread. However, there are hacks like screenshots to save the messages. 

Stickers & lenses

There are almost 200 stickers and many lenses to choose from. Users can use these stickers & lenses in stories, snaps, and messaging. It is similar to an app like Instagram while considering features like stickers and lenses. There are both individual lenses and group lenses which enable users to pose with their friends during snaps. 

Stickers & lenses

Functioning of Facelenses

  • It uses active face borders to detect the borders of users’ faces. Based on the Machine Learning algorithm it aligns the lens image with the face.
  • Then it uses 3D mesh to shift and scale as the face shifts.


Geo-filters are only available in certain locations such as specific restaurants, parties, events, and so on. Users mark their current location, and developers use geo-coding. Geo-coding is a computational process that converts the geographic coordinates to a description of a location, usually the name of a place. The areas are overlaid with the image as a template.

Adding friends

Social media apps mainly revolve around friends as people like to post videos and become popular. There are two widely used ways to add friends in social media: the first involves searching for the person in the search tab and the second is accepting friends from suggestions. The suggested list is based on mutual friends the users and prospective profile share. In addition to that, there are two additional methods, such as:


Snapcodes are the black dots that surround the Snapchat app clone profile. When users scan the other Snapcode, they can automatically follow them.

Nearby Function

These features facilitate users to track down others who have turned on their add nearby location facility. From this list of nearby users, people can follow their friends & acquaintances.

Location sharing

It allows users to share their current location, and it will appear on the site map. App users can regulate the viewers of their location details.

Video and voice calls

It is one of the updated features of Snapchat. It allows users to call and send videos or pictures to their friends at the same time. 


It is an attractive feature of Snapchat that allows users to see publicly shared posts and stories. Now with the coronavirus outbreak, the app is updated with the latest news related to the deadly virus.

Tech stack to consider for Snapchat clone app development

In order to develop a complete script for the Snapchat app, a comprehensive development process needs to be adopted, including the right technology. 

Development language

Snapchat clone app responsiveness and interactivity are based on the development language, so make use of the best available languages. For front-end development, Bootstrap and Java can be used. Other languages to use for back-end development are Python, Objective C for iOS, and Cocoa Touch.

Cloud storage & data management 

For cloud storage, Snapchat uses Amazon AWS services. Third-party cloud storage facilities can be used to store data of users and other related information. For data management, a NoSQL database can be used.


Analytics plays a vital role in social media apps like Snapchat. There is a need to analyze the time when there is excessive traffic and manage it effectively. Amplitude, Flurry, and Google analytics are some of the tools used for Analytics.


For providing customer support, Snapchat uses Zendesk. It helps manage user prospects better as admins can collectively manage customers’ requests through the Snapchat support panel. 

Ending Notes

Snapchat is one of the popular social media apps that is used all around the world. The usage of the app has further increased due to the pandemic outbreak. Entrepreneurs can use these prospering market trends to invest in Snapchat clone app script.

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