How To Save a Video From Facebook Messenger

Every day millions of photos are shared on social media and websites we also share our memory. Maybe some of your family members and relatives have shared some funny and useful video. You may want to save the video in your gallery and camera roll.

It is quite easy to save the video which is being sent from Facebook messenger. Unfortunately, you can’t save the video that is shared directly from Facebook, WhatsApp, and other popular social media.

The process is similar for iPhone and Android phones, although they have a similar interface for this guide. we will be using screenshot to understand it:

How To a Save Video From Facebook Messenger

There are different types of video format which is available in Facebook messenger. The only video which we can download from a messenger is a video sent from a gallery or camera roll or another person camera roll.

Since messenger doesn’t allow us to download the video which is shared from Facebook and other sources like YouTube and website. So, make sure that the video which you are going to download. It is sent from a camera roll or gallery by your friends.

However, if your friends or relative uploaded the video in conversation through the laptop, computer, or tablet. We can easily save it in our camera roll

open messenger

Step1: First open messenger apps on your phone. Make sure the video which you want to save or download it is sent from the tablet, computer, or smartphone. Confirm it that they have also sent it from there local storage to your conversation.

login in to your account

Step 2: First login into your account log-in first. Make sure you have given storage access permission to the application. Only after it you send and download video on to your gallery or camera roll. Don’t forget to check the proper internet connection and data to download the video.

save video

Step3: Scroll to your contact list and find a conversation that has a video you want to save on your phone.

Step4: Hold the video in preview mode don’t open in play mode open it in preview mode. Tap the video for a few second and you can see save video option below the video click on it boom you successfully saved it from the messenger.

This is one of the easy methods to download the Facebook messenger video by phone. It is easy to download the video which is being sent from Facebook messenger to Facebook messenger but sometimes you may not see such save option in the video that is being sent from Facebook and other social media.

How To Download Shared Facebook Video On Android

Step1: Understand first which video you can download and which video you can’t. while you can download most public video which is sent by your friend of friends without their permission. You also can’t download the video which has viewing protection in it.

open messenger

Step 2: Open the Facebook messenger app in your android or iOS phone remember that you have logged on into your account.

login in to your account

Step 3: Tap the conversation in which you want to download the video after it searches the video which you are unable to download in messenger. Make sure that the video sends from Facebook to the messenger.


Step 4: Click on the link of the video which is appearing at the lower parts of the video tab. After clicking you will be redirected to the post of that video on Facebook. There you will see a button appearing which has three dots in it. Click on the three-dot button.

downloaded a Facebook video

Step 5: Click on the copy link button and. Doing so will copy the address of your video.

Step 6: open google chrome in your phone and search and you will see there a search panel box. Paste the link which you have copied on Facebook and you will see a download button appearing below to it. Click on the download button. You have successfully downloaded a Facebook video.

These are the genuine method to download the Facebook messenger video. Now you can download most of the video from Facebook messenger which is sent by your family and friends.


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