Symptoms of Phone Addiction

It’s crystal clear that how our young generation deals with technology from their study to social activities. In the morning, they use their tabs or phones to access the internet for assignments and quizzes, and after that, they demand internet usage for social activities or to play games. 

It is difficult to stop your kids from online activities such as social activities. They got an addiction to using social media and start sharing their personal information. Where predators look for such kids and start tracking them. They use their personal information and images fo cyberbullying and threats.

The situation turns dangerous when kids always check their phone screens for notifications and can spend their free time also on digital devices. We couldn’t deny that such excessive internet usage can turn the situation upside down because our daily news report shows how much our young generation has been affected by phone & internet addiction. 

People often want to know how phone & internet addiction causes stress among kids. This is the reason we are going to discuss the symptoms plus the android monitoring app solution.

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Symptoms of Phone Addiction

Read the Following Symptoms to Diagnose Phone Addiction. 

1 – Lack of interest in real-life activities & prefer to spend time on a mobile phone.

2 – User spends unlimited time.

3 – Quickly respond to the messages or any online alert. 

4 – Feeling uncomfortable without Phone access. 

5 – Sleep Disturbance or Use of the phone for hours before bedtime.

6 – Consistency of poor grades in school or college. 

7 – Developing a sudden change in behavior, including anger, sadness, etc. 

8 – User Constant check his/her phone every few minutes.

9 – Phone addiction causes distance from parents or loved ones. 

10 – Uncontrollable aggressive behavior of a user if someone disturbs that person.

We have shared 10 symptoms to check if the user or kid is diagnosed with a phone or internet addiction. We have reported many issues that show how phone addiction in teens is the reason for stress and depression by causing the distance between the user and his/her real-life relations. 

Addiction can be sometimes more dangerous as they start spending their all-time using their phones. They quit all other social activities and make their own online world. Where they share daily life activities.

Let’s have a look at statistics that will clear the air about phone addiction and its consequences. 

1 – Study shows 50% of teens are addicted to smartphones. 

2 – 71% Users keep their phones next to the pillow so they can check notifications from time to time. 

3 – Average screen unlock numbers have been counted around 120 plus times. 

4 – 80% of users check the phone within 50 minutes after waking up

5 – 40% Users unlock the screen in the middle-night. 

6 – 63% of parents have reported about their grooming kids’ phone addiction behavior. 

7 – 48% of Teens prefer to check the phone after bed. 

8 – 11% of teens have been died because of texting while driving. 

9 – 33% of grooming kids do use phones in classrooms. 

We have shared 9 Statistics which we have collected to describe how phone addiction had already affected the teens and what dangers we can expect from the coming years. We should make proper strategies to keep our kids safe from being addicted to social activities and smartphones.

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After reading the symptoms, Do you want to know the solution? 

For every problem always an alternative way is available to overcome problems and create an easy and possible solution. When you start solving a problem you will need proper knowledge according to the current situation. If you think about how to solve this modern era problem?

Then, you are in the right place because we are going to share some Safety practices along with the ultimate solution (android monitoring app) to fix the phone addiction issue. 

Safety Practices for Phone Addiction

Here, learn how to save kids from falling into such addiction. Here we will discuss complete information to save your kids and make safety precautions for their online safety. 

Parent’s priority for whole life is to keep their kids safe. They always want to spend their time with kids to keep eye on their activities.

Tell your kids about the consequences of the Phone Addiction

Parents should talk with kids more often about everything and the situation. It lets the kids understand reality and how they can deal with such life-facts. When it comes to phone addiction, we should talk about why they should use phones for a specific time. Teaching the kids how they should use the phone for specific reasons can minimize the risks of addictive behavior.

Proper knowledge can not only minimize the risks it will also be beneficial for your kids as they will learn how to make their social presence and how to interact with other users safely.

Set Rules – Protect Teens from Addictive Behavior 

We, as a parent, should set some rules for mobile phone usage as we set rules for real-life activities. Teens and kids should learn at an early age that they need to follow the rules at any cost. If parents set the rules for them, then it will eliminate phone addiction risks. 

If parents don’t set the rules for kids then they start spending their all-time in irrelevant activities and they do not be able to manage their time of study and other gaming activities. For this parents need to set proper rules and teach their kids to follow these rules.

Use an Ultimate Solution 2021 – Android Monitoring App

Using such safety practices enables the parents to protect the kids from falling in stress and depression. But we should also learn that our teens are following the rules or not. This can happen by using an android spy app. Installing android spyware in a kid’s phone enables the parents to monitor the target phone screen. Parents can lock or unlock the target phone screen remotely and set the screen time to eliminate phone addiction. 

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