Php Web Application

Securing web apps from all sorts of malware functions and security breaches is the prime duty of a web app developer. 

A web application should be built in such a way that there is no scope left for any loopholes or security issues, eradicating every possibility of a security breach or dysfunction due to malware.

For this, you should look for PHP developers for hire and secure your website from anything unwanted. In almost every case, the developer is liable for anything that concerns your web app. s/he is responsible for performing tasks like identifying the vulnerability of your web app to proposing solutions and addressing the issues your app is dealing with. 

PHP is an eminent scripting language used for web development. The language is so popular that companies often run a few programs providing rewards, inviting different security experts to analyze their applications from the basics carefully and suggest essential practices to secure the PHP web app.

PHP has been continually criticized by experts and QA specialists when it comes to security. A significant chunk of experts believes that PHP provides no sturdy techniques to secure an application. 

This write-up will cover information related solutions to some problems that an application using PHP may face. You will get to know the trick and tips your hired PHP developer can perform on your web application to make it more secure and keep it safe from any malicious attack. 

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So let’s start with it!

Things you must perform and look for: 

Stay Up To Date

We are not talking about you, and we’re talking about your PHP. 

Hire PHP developers who have relevant knowledge and skills to adapt themselves to the latest PHP version. 

The current version is 7.3. Hence it is recommended that you develop your application using the same. 

If you are still using an old version, you might have a lot of deprecations while upgrading your PHP web app. 

You will have to update the code as well by changing some functional logics. 

There are also many tools available to keep your code’s deprecation in check and mitigate them effectively. 

SQL Injection Attack

The most common attack in PHP scripting is the SQL injections. A single query can jeopardize the entire application. The SLQ attacks are performed by hackers who try to alter the data you are passing through queries. 

Imagine you are processing user data in the SQL queries, and an anonymous attacker uses a different characteristic to bypass it. 

In cases like that, the user can contain altered data that can harm your database; there are high possibilities that your database may also get deleted. 

The best solution to tackle such situations is always to use PDO. These PHP Data Objects (PDO) will secure your site from any SQL injections that you could get exposed to. 

Session Hijacking

Session hijacking refers to a specific ill-intentioned attack in which the hacker secretly gets the possession of the session ID of the user. 

This session ID is then sent to the server, where the associated session line-up validates it with the storage in the stacks and then grants the malicious attacker access to the app. 

Session hijacking is carried out through XSS attacks or when a hacker gains access to the folder on the server where all the session data is stored. 

To prevent such attacks, look for coders to hire who can execute binding of session data to your IP address. 

Hide Files From The Browser

If you have previously used micro-frameworks of PHP, then there are high chances that you are aware of a specific directory structure that regulates the proper placement of all files. 

In this directory, frameworks are allowed to have various files like models, configuration files(.yaml), controllers, etc. however, most of the time, the browser is unable to process all of these, yet they are visible in the browser. 

To counter this issue, you must start saving your files in a public folder and not in the root directory, to prevent them from being accessible all the time in the browser. 


PHP security is a really vast topic; not all points can be covered in this write-up. 

It is also noteworthy that developers all around the world figure out their own ways to deal with any security breach. 

However, only if you start to look for PHP developers & programmers for hire, you’ll be able to find out the best practice to counter the security threats your PHP website could get exposed to. 

Only if you hire PHP developers, will you find a way to deal with it. Their knowledge of the scripting language and years of experience in the field make them the best resource to carry out the complex task of implementing security in your web app. 

It is always best to rely on a tech expert than to get confused and exposed to malware attacks. 

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