It is not easy to transport heavy and bulky products. But there are many ways to help with transportation. For example, elevators, conveyor belts, truck services, or even pneumatic systems. There are also some disadvantages that come with the transportation of goods, so it’s important to know what kind of help you need before deciding on which method will be the best for your needs. 

There are many factors that need to be considered, things like the total mass of the product, how was does it need to be transported, in what condition, for how much money, and so forth. Here you will see listed a few ways that can aid you and hopefully will be able to decide on what’s best for your specific needs.

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Some of the most useful machines for bulk transportation are conveyors. Conveyor belts are great for transportation of heavy or bulky products when the transportation needs to be smooth and efficient. Connecting moving parts with fixed ones in order to move objects is the simplest form of transportation mechanism. For example, conveyors are used in factories where huge amounts of raw materials need to be moved between various sections. They can be roughly divided into two large categories:

Non – Powered Conveyors 

Gravity Conveyors: these are often made of metal and are used in transportation lines where the weight of the product is less than 100 lbs. They are usually installed at a perfect angle for transportation, and they use gravity to carry goods across distances or through different heights. 

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Powered Conveyors

These types of transportation devices make use of power sources like electricity, compressed air, hydraulic fluid, steam engines, and even solar energy (in some cases) to help with transportation by moving heavy or bulky products with ease. What are elevator conveyors? They are a special subtype that allows for both vertical and horizontal transportation with one machine. The methods that will be mentioned next fall under this category, too.

Elevators are transportation machines that allow transportation over vertical as well as horizontal distances by supporting the transportation device on a rail or cable. In some cases, they can even be found underwater with steel rails to transport goods from one ship to another in harbours. Although they work quite similarly, there are a few differences between the types of elevators.

Truck Services 

If transportation of heavy or bulky products via conveyor belts is not possible, then truck services could be a good alternative. They are easily available in most large cities, and they can even be made affordable with the use of certain online transportation aggregators. Truck transportation is popular since it offers many advantages over transportation by other means. Cargo van transportation makes use of larger vehicles that can carry loads weighing from 500 lbs to several tons at once, which makes them very suitable for transporting goods such as furniture or huge steel machines. 

Want to transport goods between different states? When you need transportation services involving long-distance transportation through trucks over extremely high volume, moving trailers would be your best option. 

However, there are a few dangers when using this type of transportation for heavy or bulky products. For example, transportation of goods by trucks is dangerous since the chances of an accident are much higher than other means. Apart from this, it can be difficult to estimate all costs involved in transportation by truck, so sometimes transportation via cargo van transportation could turn out to be cheaper if you plan your transportation well enough.

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Pneumatic Systems 

With the help of pneumatic systems, transportation of goods becomes very easy by using compressed air as a power source. Pneumatics are commonly used with industrial machines that have tools meant to cut materials into required shapes and sizes – they use pneumatics as the power source for these machines. The process takes place mostly in factories that manufacture large steel structures like skyscrapers or huge ships. 

Pneumatic transportation is very safe since it does not involve transportation of electricity or fuel, and the transportation process itself is automatic with no human interference required at all. However, like elevators, pneumatic transportation can also be quite expensive – especially if you compare it to transportation via truck services or cargo van transportation where large quantities can be transported at once due to the larger size of the vehicle itself. Moreover, there are some environmental concerns associated with using this system for transportation purposes too. 

The cons of using pneumatic systems, although it is a very elegant solution, is a great risk of fire or explosion due to dust particles produced by the transportation of the materials, which can be especially dangerous if transportation happens indoors. 

Weighing Your Options

On the other hand, transportation via cargo van transportation is not as expensive, but it does involve transportation over longer distances. When transportation of heavy or bulky products is required, then this solution most likely makes more sense since it allows for transportation with vehicles that are designed for large quantities. Cargo van transportation involves vehicles that come with special tools and equipment meant to cut down on costs associated with loading and unloading – these special tools included allowing for faster handling of goods during both loading and unloading stages. 

The cost of transportation can be a significant factor for smaller companies who wish to have transportation of goods as a part of their business plan. When considering how to send items in bulk, it’s essential to evaluate services that specialize in freight shipping, offering tailored solutions for heavy and bulky product transportation.
For example, transportation via trucks can be expensive if you opt for transportation services aimed at small quantities that are only needed on a daily basis.

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So, transportation of heavy or bulky products is not an easy task. It involves a lot of time and effort to get it done right. However, with the help of machines like conveyor belts, for example, transportation becomes much easier. To know what kind of transportation solution, you need to go over these pros and cons so that you can make the right choice in terms of your business needs! The days of manual lifting are long gone, and it’s just a matter of choosing what is the best way to get the job done.

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