video wall system

A video wall is a sizable layout composed of an assembly of screens that are integrated. A video wall system, like any other system, is a structure of fused elements put together.

Elements of a video wall system

A video wall system has three components:

  1. A processor
  2. Software
  3. Display — The most conspicuous element.

Video walls are mostly used in vast public places. In a business, having a video wall system has its worth and the benefits garnered will be covered comprehensively in this article. Even so, before buying screens for video walls, it is important to be aware of the existing variety of video wall systems.

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Classification of video wall systems

Predominantly, there are three kinds of video wall systems:

  1. The cube-based system — At the rear of the display dashboard is a compact projector that is staged. High-value output is yielded when both the dashboard and the projector are merged. During conferences of your business or boardroom presentations, the cube-based video wall is a viable preference due to the high resolution of the output.

2. The projection-based system — Diverse projectors are incorporated such that they all cast the output on a common large screen. While screens with an arc are in use, the projection-based video wall is the usual system embraced. Therefore, if you have a business whose projects involve simulation and display of different shapes such as in the field of architecture, a projection-based video wall will be favorable.

3. The panel-based system Multiple light-emitting diodes are fused and then integrated on a dashboard to create the panel-based video wall which has been in existence for quite some years. The output exhibited is very bright, which makes it the habitual system used by businesses in the signage industry. However, the output is of low resolution which makes it least preferable where the content being displayed has angles that must be closely seen.

Now that you are cognizant of the different kinds of video wall systems, you can choose the system that best suits your business. We can therefore narrow down to the benefits that will be realized by your business from the use of your preferred video wall.

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The value derived from buying a video wall system for your business

Buying screens for video walls have numerous gains:

  1. The quality of the output is high.

Images, videos, and text displayed are clear. When presentations are made, the information displayed is attractive and the content is understandable without any visibility struggle.

  1. Minimum maintenance required.

Compared to regular projectors, after installation, a video wall system barely needs regular maintenance. This attribute saves on costs that would go towards repair and upkeep.

  1. Contemporary and trendy.

With advanced technology, the incorporation of a video wall makes your business appear as being up to date in the current times when people gravitate towards modern technology.

  1. Relatability.

Video walls are appealing, therefore making it easy for people to relate to what is being projected. When you need to entice your target market, a video wall goes a long way as your audience easily interacts at ease with the content being displayed on a video wall.

  1. High power to process.

As a result of the robust ability to process and work with data, video walls seamlessly handle a substantial amount of content. Unlike traditional methods used in exhibiting data or making presentations, as a business owner using a video wall for the same purpose, you should no longer be worried about the amount of data or information that can be controlled simultaneously.

  1. Versatility.

Video walls allow for versatility in terms of the content that is being displayed. This aspect of the content being adjustable happens with the aid of properties inbuilt within the video wall system, that enable configurable digital display applications. At the same time, a variety of sources can be merged to produce output concurrently.

 It is evident that regardless of your business type, having a video wall system incorporated, brings about substantial convenience when it comes to the virtual display of any information regarding your venture. Not only is it effective during presentations, but also helps in reaching and indirectly persuading your market into buying the product or service you are selling.

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