Android development services

There is no second opinion when it comes to the fact that Android is the most popular and widely used mobile operating system in the industry. And when it comes to the Android app, according to research 87% of people’s time is spent on mobile apps and merely 13% on web apps. This factor highlights that investing in Android app development services is something you are going to benefit from in the future. 

Whether you are a startup or an existing business, opting for Android development services is something lucrative for the long haul. To further secure this, Statista research shows that by 2021, global smartphone users are going to be around 3.8 Billion! Safe to say, based on this trajectory, getting Android development services is only going to scale your business upwards. 

While this is established that Android is a hot market right now, the following are a few reasons why you should be eyeing out companies for Android development services right away. 

Improved Brand Awareness

If you wish your brand to be recognized by billions of million and go from being practically non-existent to the user’s palm then app development is your answer. Owing to its vast user base, the reach your brand gets by getting an Android app made is matchless. Your Android app will represent your brand and contribute to the reputation so the quality of the app needs to be immaculate. Choose only the best Android development services for your Android app as it will make or break your impression in front of billions of users. 

Constant Customer Connection

A great thing about serving your clientele via Android apps is that you are not dependent brick and mortar limitations. You are never completely closed for a customer who might just want a look around. At any point in the day, you are in constant connection with customers out of which many can turn into potential leads. 

Skyrocketing ROI

With multiple SDKs and tools available for free and a gigantic community of Android developers out there for support, the cost of developing an Android app is reasonably low compared to the profits it can help you garner. Without spending as much money, Android app development gives a chance of raking in a higher return on investment compared to any other platform. 

Global Open App Distribution

The threshold or barrier for getting your Android app on the Google Play Store is much lower compared to iOS and other platforms which gives startups and businesses a viable opportunity to market their Android app globally without any hindrances. The app owner is a lot of control over whom to target with their app, whether to do it for free or have a subscription fee and how to publish it in the play store. 

Feature-Rich Applications

The open-source code libraries and tools for Android app development make it easier for people to customize apps to suit their specific business needs. Businesses have the option to make their apps more dynamic by adding custom features without it costing too much to stand out from their competition and attract more users. 

Higher Publicity and Reach

Even if you do not have a marketing strategy in place, (which should not be the case btw) but just being on Google Play Store helps you get the kind of visibility and reach to a vast audience that you can only dream of. 

Especially for startups who have to be stringent when it comes to money can benefit from the millions of users that visit Google Play Store every day in search of apps. If you cannot resources for a separate marketing strategy, opting for a marketing plan on Google Play Store helps you reach out to a wider audience increases the chances of more downloads and more active users.

Therefore, startups should specifically focus on getting Android development services for an app that can reap the advantages of being on the Android platform. 

Faster Deployment

Another striking benefit of choosing Android for business and startups is its faster deployment. Its rapid development cycle does not take very long which means businesses can get their app made quickly reducing the time to market. This aspect is critical in terms of helping startups and businesses gain a competitive edge in the industry. 

Enhanced Security

With the recent version of Android P, many additional and enhanced security features were introduced making it an even more trustworthy platform to get into. Throughout the application life cycle, proper security measures will protect your app from any malicious attempts. 

Scalability & Flexibility

With the introduction of Android Studio, this operating system has branched out new levels of scalability and flexibility as well. Android development services are not just limited to apps any more but also branching out to wearable devices, tablets, and TV. This means that jumping into Android development opens and offers scope for your business beyond your imagination. Android is now also compatible with emerging technologies like IoT, AR, VR, etc which means new heights to concur and a bright future ahead for the ones aiming for it. 

Integration with Social Media

With Android, integrating with social media accounts has become super easy! This is a great benefit for users who prefer to not go through the hassle of signing in every platform. With Android, they can utilize easy sign-in/sign up access to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc directly through Android. Another significant example is Gmail, the most widely used emailing platform on mobiles which also is easily integrated with Android phones. This factor particularly enhances the over user experience for Android as well. 


The market for Android app development is hot like iron right now and anyone planning to enter is will be making a wise choice. The list of benefits it offers is endless and an intelligent choice of platform to begin with for all startups and businesses. If you are also a startup of business looking for Android development services then try Origami Studios. Their 8 year-long experience and a stellar portfolio make them a great option for your next Android idea.