Wearable App

If you own a gym or fitness studio, you may want to build a wearable app. Fitness studios are under pressure following the pandemic, and going digital might give you the edge you need to keep going.

 What is a Wearable App?

Wear OS apps that run on a smartwatch. They are like other apps that use the Android SDK but differ in design and function. It gives you access to sensors and GPU. It works independently of a phone app.

Wearable apps are popular in the fitness market because they can integrate with step counters and other functions. They can also use it on the go when jogging or exercising. In the article on how to create a wearable app the TopFlightApps team covers many types of wearable applications and by researching this you can come up with an excellent idea your customers will love.

What Happens When You Build a Wearable App

You Will Get More Customers

Let us face it: it’s hard finding time to get to the gym. If you build a wearable OS app or create an Apple Watch App, your members can take the gym with them wherever they go. And if the gym must close its doors during a lockdown, you will still keep going and stay in touch.

You can also use your app to motivate customers that have not attended the fitness studio in a while and bring lapsed customers back through your doors.

Develop WatchOS Apps, Develop Your Brand

A wearable app gives customers a taste of your brand from the comfort of home so that you are not tied to a single location. You can also use your app to create a culture among your members that can become a little community.

Promote Your Brand

Your app gives customers another opportunity to discover and engage with your brand. It can raise a lot of awareness on its own. Your members will have something to share with friends and colleagues. You can also encourage your members to share goals and achievements on social media, extending your marketing reach.

Your trainers can also use the app to create custom workouts your clients can access when they work out on their own or on vacation. This allows them to reach their goals much earlier.

Establish Credibility

Gyms, with their own apps, seem high-tech and established. It leaves customers with a great impression, especially if none of the other fitness studios offers the same thing. You can use your app and app data to become a real thought leader in the industry.

Create Loyalty

When you create a wearable app, you can reach your customers through notifications and challenges that regularly encourage them to visit your gym or fitness studio. You can also keep them up to date about changes, classes, or promotions. It’s a great way to keep your customers coming back for more.

You can even create a loyalty program to encourage them to keep renewing their contract month after month.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Not many fitness studios have their own apps. If you are one of the few fitness studios in your area with one, you will stand out against the competition and position your brand as being ahead of the pack.

You can also use your wearable app to form partnerships with other businesses in your area and run promotions together. This can extend your marketing reach through cross-promotion because you can access their client database.

The Wearable Fitness Trend is Here to Stay

Wearable fitness is here to stay. Millions of Fitbits and smartwatches are sold every year. It can go a long way to attract and keep new members for your fitness studio. It’s best to get ahead of the curve right away.


There are so many reasons to build a wearable app if you own a fitness studio. Find more customers, build loyalty, and promote your brand with a real competitive advantage with a wearable app! Find the right partner to show you how to make an android wear app or similar, and take your business to the next level.