Nonprofit Organizations

Do you know that the nonprofit sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s economy? With more people than ever donating their time and money, it should come as no surprise. The only problem is that nonprofits are constantly struggling to keep up with all this demand. That’s where these amazing tools come into play! They make running a nonprofit much easier, whether it be through tracking donations, volunteers, or events. It doesn’t matter what type of nonprofit you run; there’s something for everyone here. So if your organization needs help managing its resources, look no further than these eight awesome tools and software for nonprofits! 


Every nonprofit organization needs a good donation system. For most, PayPal is the go-to solution because of its ease of use and accessibility across the world. However, it does have its limitations, which is why we love JustGiving! This tool allows nonprofits to set up a free online donation page in minutes, allowing donors from around the world to easily donate with their credit cards or bank accounts. In addition to accepting one-time donations, they can also collect monthly contributions and add them directly into your account in just a few clicks. The best part is that you only pay when someone donates through your page! These fees start at $0.50 per transaction and decrease as volume increases, so this is affordable for everyone. 


Another great tool for nonprofits who are struggling to manage their donations is Fundraise. Unlike other donation management websites, this one offers a unique fundraiser where users can set up online auctions that are customized to fit your organization’s needs! You can set the auction up as an event or choose any date you want. Once it begins, donors can bid on items using either cash or credit card. At the end of the auction, they pay directly through PayPal without third-party involvement at reasonable rates. This service even allows you to create custom email templates and track detailed information about all donors!

Charity Miles

Charity Miles is another fantastic tool for nonprofit organizations looking to increase fundraising efforts. With this program, every mile walked, run, biked, or swam earns money for your nonprofit. How does it work? Easy! Charity Miles is a mobile app that allows users to track and donate money to the charity of their choice every time they exercise and share this information on social media. It’s free for both users and nonprofits, which makes it an even more attractive option! All you have to do is sign up, create a fundraising page that lists all of your organization’s programs and services, then link your existing accounts (e.g., Facebook) to raise funds through social media.


Another great way for nonprofits to collect donations is through CrowdRise, an easy-to-use fundraising website that helps charities engage supporters in new ways by allowing them to form teams, fundraise for themselves or others, give back by volunteering their time, and earn rewards for hitting milestones. Through this service, the nonprofit gets a free fundraising page with email marketing tools to help reach people in their network who can donate money or volunteer. The best part? All donations go directly to charity!


One of the biggest challenges that nonprofits face is managing a large number of volunteers. Whether it’s through sign-up sheets or spreadsheets, keeping tabs on all your volunteers’ information is hard work! That’s where VolunteerSpot comes into play. This easy-to-use website allows organizations to create custom pages for each event they host and easily invite the right people at the right times. It also gives them access to helpful features like group messaging and reminder emails! Plus, for a small fee, your organization can upgrade to a premium membership and gain access to attendance reports, dashboards, and customizable emails!


Case management is the process of coordinating and integrating services for a person who is experiencing a crisis or whose health and well-being are at risk. Case management involves the collaborative effort of a case manager and the individual, their family, and their service providers to assess, plan, implement, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate services and supports to meet the individual’s needs.

With more and more nonprofits working with limited resources, Caseworthy allows them to track and manage volunteers, donors, staff members, and more! This is a case management software built for nonprofits, and it’s a fantastic way to keep everyone on the same page by having all your information in one easy-to-access location. Plus, it offers dozens of helpful features like email campaigns, customizable form building, and event management!


Another great tool for nonprofits who struggle with volunteer management is VolunteerMatch. This platform makes it easy for organizations to find quality volunteers from all across the world, including those that are fully vetted by their staff. In addition to the ease of use and global accessibility, this service also offers a pro version that helps nonprofits create custom ads targeted toward specific individuals or groups based on their personal interests. You can even print out fliers/posters and spread them around your community! 

Understanding Numbers

For many nonprofits struggling with budgeting and financial statements, making sense of these numbers is like trying to read Chinese (no offense)! To help with these complex tasks, there is Understanding Numbers. This website provides a free online learning environment where you can master financial literacy by learning how to read and create the reports that nonprofits need to run their organizations. You don’t have to spend hours in your local library or surfing the web either—all of the course materials are conveniently located on one page!

Nonprofits can be difficult to run, and they need the right tools to effectively manage their organization. Whether it is managing volunteers or tracking donations, each of these 8 awesome tools and software for nonprofit organizations provides an easy way to make sense out of chaos! Additionally, they make it easy to track people involved with your organization, ensure that everyone is on the same page, and achieve success. With the help of these tools, your organization can focus more on running events, campaigns, and other important tasks!