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Several digital marketers have a habit of burning themselves out. It is hard to manage employees, pitch their market, chase leads, take care of clients, establish brand awareness– there’s a long list of them to do. It is evident in the statistics that they work up to 60 hours per week. How much time is left for themselves and family? That’s why time management tricks are the most sought after by digital marketers.

We have to manage our time efficiently, as it is the most precious resource that could not be regained once used. So, what are the effective ways to invest your time and get great results for your business?

Time Management is Like A Pile of Laundry

Time Management is Like A Pile of Laundry

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Laundry could be our least favorite housework, but we have to do it to wear clean clothes. How do you wash your laundry? Do you do it every day, or do you wait for them to pile up and take action on it?

Piling your clothes could be a lot of work when the laundry day comes. But, if you take time each day to do the laundry, the tasks become manageable– and you do not have to worry about running out of clothes to wear.

From doing laundry to managing your business, time management is about how you delegate your tasks. Do not stack your responsibilities. You might be overwhelmed with the amount of work. 

Here are some of our top time management tricks for digital marketers. We hope this could help you and your business thrive even on the busiest day.

Set a Schedule and Stick to ItSource: Unsplash

1. Set a Schedule and Stick to It

The best way to start the day is to have a clear set of tasks to accomplish for the day. You know which tasks to prioritize and what to do next. Schedule the most valuable task first and fill in the remaining time of the day with less-priority tasks. By setting a schedule, you can visualize how your day will go.

Stick to your schedule and avoid distractions to manage your time effectively. Otherwise, you will fret over what to do next. 

2. Do not Multitask, Limit Priorities.

Everything related to the company is every digital marketer’s responsibility. But, you do not have to give everything equal attention. If you have a long to-do list, you might end up with task paralysis.

Meanwhile, some think that multitasking their long to-do list could save time. But, the truth is, you are doing more harm than good. Micromanaging issues may lead to careless errors. Give each task the attention it deserves. 

But, if you limit your priorities and focus on one task at a time, you will increase productivity and performance. Doing one task at a time is the best thing to do.

3. Stay Organized

Most digital marketers are not satisfied with their time management skills, why? They lack balance. Some of them spend too much networking, managing employees, or going online. All of these tasks are necessary, yet if you focus too much on one means other tasks will fall aside.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself shuffling from one task to another, scrolling through one endless list of emails, rummaging contact information. All of these tasks take time, and if you add up these tasks over weeks, you would be overwhelmed by how much time you have spent with these small tasks.

Stay organized by using apps that could easily gather all your repetitive tasks. Technology may have given modern businesses reasons to become busier. But, with the apps that can manage social media marketing gives several opportunities to make things easier for you. Let the apps handle your time-consuming tasks.

4. Learn the Way of Automation

After you have listed all your schedules and priorities, organized the repetitive tasks, it is best to delegate some tasks to your colleagues. Some digital marketers hire part-time assistants to help them manage calls or answer inquiries and other general task management.

Aside from organizing and marketing apps, there are apps that allow you to seamlessly communicate with your assistants. Learn the value of automation in business. Automation can help you save time.

Now, what are you going to do during your saved time? Make use of your free time to rest and do things you enjoy.

5. Take Time to Rest

While you are mastering the art of time management, do not forget to take time to rest. Do not push yourself. Sometimes, taking a break can save you time and provide better results. Just like our body, our mind needs to rest. Without taking a break, you are exhausting yourself, which reduces your productivity. 

When you start following these top time management tips, you will notice an immediate uptick in your free time. Do not forget to take the time off!

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