Recruiting The Right People

Hiring new personnel is a huge responsibility as any new employee will affect a company’s activity, even if only marginally. When you bring in someone new you need to make sure they have the potential to help the company grow and not turn into a liability. Here are a few ideas to include in your hiring policy.

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Experience vs Enthusiasm

One of the problems facing young people fresh out of school is that they don’t have any work experience to put down on their resume. On the other hand, recruiting agents are very interested in people with a lot of work experience. Is work experience all that important?

People who’ve been doing the same job for many years might be experienced enough. They might have also grown stale, bored with their job and only looking for a place to make more money. At the same time, when they enter a new work environment they might have difficulty integrating. They know how things used to be done at their old job and they’ll probably be reluctant to do things differently, and this might cause a lot of friction.

Young people instead don’t have experience, but they are eager to prove themselves. It’s the enthusiasm of getting their first job and trying to make a name for themselves. You’ll often find that young people are not set in their ways and eager to learn on the job.

The Importance of Running Background Checks on Employees

If this is not part of your hiring policy, you should seriously consider using such a tool to make sure the new employees are trustworthy. 

Why take the risk of hiring someone who might have a criminal record you know nothing about? And only discover the truth when the harm’s done and it’s already too late? One job interview is not enough to tell you if a person has an alcohol problem or has been in jail for theft several times. 

This is not to say that people do not deserve a second chance. They do, but it’s best to know their history so you can talk to them and see if they have indeed changed and deserve that second chance.

You can easily run a background check on new employees by using an online police check agency like Australian national character check (ANCC), Equifax or Stirling, which will send you back the full criminal record of a person in 2-3 business days. 

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Hiring Someone With The Right Frame of Mind

A company is like a family. In many cases, people end up spending more time with their workmates than their own family so it’s essential that they share some core values. A good recruiting agent will try to understand what holds the team together and how do they relate to each other. When it’s time to bring in someone new, it’s best to check if they’d be a good fit. 

Education and work history is important, but if the new employee has a very different personality they will have trouble integrating into their new family, and this might cause plenty of disruptions in the workplace.