Best Online Mattress Companies

Up close and personal is always the approach when shopping for bedding essentials. However, with a global pandemic still at hand and social distancing policies unlifted, the prospect of driving to a store and personally touching the products is not an option for many.

Luckily, this is where e-commerce comes in to save the day. Thanks to the vast archives of feedback and reviews, buyers can now make purchasing decisions with little to no doubt. On top of that is the feeling of safety that you get from no risk sleep trials that many bedding companies nowadays offer.

Give your bedroom a whole new makeover with these 6 best online mattress companies in 2021.

1. Purple 

If it’s quality and competitive pricing that you’re after, then seek no further than Utah’s Purple Mattress. Co-founded in 2015 and run by the Pearce brothers, the Utah-based company started out as a Kickstarter campaign and has eventually made its way up into a highly successful comfort technology company to date.

The secret to their success is the brand-signature material called “Hyper-Elastic Polymer” which has been tested to have a significantly high elasticity prowess – stretching up to 15 times its original length – and integrity. 

Coupled with the grid-like construction pattern and the result is a certified revolutionary product that both maintains the support of a traditional innerspring coil mattress and the orgasmic body-molding effect of a memory foam mattress. The best thing yet is the company’s dedication to its direct-to-consumer business model, giving the brand direct proprietorship over customer relationships and keeping the cost as low as possible for both sides.

2. Saatva

Gone are the days that customers would just be satisfied with the product quality alone. Businesses now also strive to deliver the best after-sale services possible as a package. With Saatva, you’ll never have to break a sweat with moving and assembling your newly arrived mattress. 

All of their products are eligible for white glove delivery which means the entire setup process will be covered by the delivery personnel. Headquartered in Newyork, it’s a high-end mattress manufacturer that has constantly been able to maintain its stay among the 500 most financially successful retailers in the US.

Those who prefer a classic firm feeling of a well-made innerspring coil mattress that lasts for decades can look forward to a wonderous shopping experience here. Just don’t be spoiled by the king-like treatment once the product arrives at your doorstep, though.

3. Leesa

Memory foam mattresses have taken bedrooms worldwide by storm with their newfound softness and hypoallergenic property. With the market being as saturated with them as it is right now, it takes both ingenuity and flair to really stand out from the competition. And in that aspect, Leesa can definitely deliver.

Tired of coming across mediocre memory foam mattresses that have little to no support to them? Leesa offers you the best that money can buy with Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend product lines. They both utilize the high level of support of pocket springs in combination with the unparalleled comfort of premium memory foam materials. The only difference being the number of layers present in the two, with Leesa Hybrid having only one layer while Leesa Legend has two.

Charity work also plays a big part in their brand image and gives them an edge over the competition as the company has pledged to donate a mattress to households in need for every 10 of them sold. 

4. Ghostbed

Mark Werner started Ghost bed in 2015 as a subsidiary company to Nature’s Sleep as a way to soothe the pain he had accrued from multiple surgeries throughout the year. The company didn’t have commercial success until the launch of its very first foam mattress. After which lay the foundation for the release of their subsequent specialized cooling memory foam mattress line GhostBed Luxe and hybrid mattresses GhostBed 3D Matrix – direct contender with Purple – and GhostBed Flex.

Their products are especially good in humid conditions for their ventilation capability. And for active couples because of the springiness feel that the aerated latex foam material provides. Warranties typically cover 20 years starting from point of purchase and customers are given 101 nights to decide if they want to return it or not. 

5. Casper

 Maybe outstanding amongst other realized online sleeping pad organizations is Casper, which offers three diverse bedding models. One of the viewpoints that make Casper exceptional is that the brand has stores around the nation where you can try out their beddings before you purchase. 

Casper has a scope of hybrid options to look over, beginning with the Original, an inconceivably moderate model, and working up to the Wave Hybrid, their most steady bedding. The mattresses have a feature called “zoned support” which makes them feel softer on the hips and under the shoulders.

At the point when you buy a mattress from Casper, they’ll transport it to you free of charge, and you will test it out for 100 evenings. In the event that you conclude you don’t care for the bedding, Casper will get it for nothing out of pocket and a full refund will be issued. The organization frequently gives returned beddings, and each item accompanies a 10-year limited guarantee.

6. Nolah Mattress

Today’s mattresses still use quite a number of outdated materials. This includes coils, memory foam, and more. With that, Nolah Mattress, a technology-driven company, decided to leverage air foam to create a more superior mattress and sleep experience. The result is their patented AirFoam™.

The Nolah Air Foam™ mattress is a complete temperature neutral mattress. That means it sleeps cooler than any other mattress (with or without cooling gel), and in performance tests, it has shown four times less peak pressure on the hips and back when compared with traditional memory foam mattresses. It’s the perfect solution for side sleepers.

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