eMaester Is The Best online training platform

Online Training Platform 

eMaester is the best online training platform for women who wish to teach from the comforts of their homes. It has been reviewed as an extremely helpful platform for women who want to make careers from online teaching. 

Ufaber’s EMaester trains the trainer and provides them a unique Job opportunity which ensures flexible work timings and earning opportunity. This program is specially designed for homemakers who wish to pursue a career along with managing their family. 1000+ candidates have been trained to be an English language trainer, UPSC exam faculty, or STEM teacher. The tutorials make sure that the candidates become par with an IELTS trainer or an IB teacher with guaranteed employment. 

The mantra followed by eMaester is Career + Family = eMaester.

Check out this article to know more about eMaester and how it is the best online platform for women and how you can win Rs. 1 lakh with a job opportunity. 

Teach Online From Home 

eMaester has made teaching from home easy and effective for women. Reviewed as one of the best training platforms for women, eMaester is equipped with unlimited video lectures, job opportunities, and career growth. 

Have a look at how this amazing platform works. 


To apply for any eMaester’s programs, one needs to fit in their eligibility criteria. The perfect candidate is someone who is above the age of 18 and holds at least a Bachelor’s Degree from any stream. The person also has to have a passion for teaching and should love interacting with people. It is a bonus if the candidate possesses great communication skills. 


The eMaester programs are 6 weeks long, during which each candidate gets personalized mentoring (1:3) with a Master Trainer. The candidates are also given access to an exhaustive library of teaching resources. These resources are also useful for transforming the candidates into ‘Maesters’ or Masters in core concepts of Language, STEM, or UPSC. 


Once the candidates go through the rigorous training for 6 weeks, they are provided with the only certificate that guarantees them an earning for a lifetime. eMaester guarantees that the candidates will have at least 1000 teaching hours every year. 

Get Onboard 

Once the candidates receive their certificates, they can get in touch with the eMaester team. The team will then craft a schedule assigning time slots that are convenient for the candidate. After that, the candidate will sign off on a contract and they are all set to go. The journey of earning from teaching online from the comforts of the home begins. The best part? If the candidate spends 5-6 hours everyday teaching, they can earn around Rs. 30,0000 to 40,000.  

Online Teaching Courses 

eMaester offers several ways to change the candidate’s life. They have a large variety of courses for their candidates to choose from. Each course has been reviewed and proven to be the best. 

  • The courses are as follows:
    • IELTS trainer 

    Candidates can choose this course to become a certified IELTS or an English Language Trainer.

    • STEM Trainer
      Candidates have a chance to build the future of India by becoming a certified STEM Trainer.
    • Robotics Trainer
      Candidates who wish to equip themselves with Elon Musk’s qualities should register for the certified Robotics Training. 
    • Extreme Science Trainer
      The certified Extreme Sciences Training is an opportunity for all the candidates to earn from their never-ending science curiosity.
    • Mathematics Trainer
      Candidates who wish to earn and create opportunities through mathematics can register for the certified Mathematics Training.
    • UPSC Trainers for History, Polity, Economics, Geography
      Candidates can choose to become a trainer for future IAS officers.
    • Creative Expressions Course
      The only Certification needed for candidates to advance their teaching career. 

    Diploma in Online Training
    Through this Training, candidates have a chance to strengthen their skills and become an expert online teacher.

eMaester also offers a discussion session for candidates who are confused about choosing the right course. The discussion with their Career experts, a highly reviewed feature, helps the candidates to identify which certification suits the candidate’s education, personality, and life scenario the best.

Earn from Home 

At eMaester, candidates are guaranteed a consistent income every month. They can teach more, earn more without having to leave their homes or family. 

Once a candidate is a certified eMaester trainer, the earning opportunities are limitless! Candidates can earn via any of the following ways – 

  • Online Trainer with Ufaber

This program gives the candidates a job opportunity right after they complete their course! A trainer with Ufaber offers the candidate a platform to aid several students while continuing to earn from home. 

  • Workshops and Seminars

There are workshops and seminars held by Ufaber in metro cities more than 5 times a month. If any candidate wishes to develop their personality as a public speaker then they are very much eligible for this lucrative option.

  • Content Developer

eMaester rewards people who have a hunger for knowledge. As a trainer, candidates are evaluated on their mastery of the subjects they teach. Candidates can also opt for further training and develop interesting content projects along with the core research and development team. 

  • Corporate Trainer

Tata, Mahindra, DCB bank, Crompton, and Grieves are only a few of many corporates which eMaester service around the year. eMaester’s Corporate training is available online as well as offline at more than 30 locations in India. Through eMaester, candidates can be associated with several celebrated business houses that otherwise would take years of hustling.

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