Best Time To Post On Instagram

Instagram is progressing by leaps and bounds and more and more brands jumping on the Instagram bandwagon to have better exposure. The best time to post on Instagram is imperative in order to find a sweet spot for engagement. Since Instagram keeps updating its algorithm and makes the ‘ Engagement’ fundamental key to thriving. You need to know the peak hours that can trigger most engagement. 

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Which Time Zone To Follow

The more engagement your content receives shortly after posting, the more people Instagram will show it to. Buy Instagram followers is an option, businesses are considering to make their profile look authentic and also to boost the engagement artificially. The process to find the best time to post can vary largely as you and your followers are unique. Instagram insights give you everything that you may need for identifying the time zone of followers. 

Instagram Algorithm Explained

The key to success is to create compelling content for the audience that they crave. The content should be relatable and so convincing that the audience can’t help liking, commenting, or sharing. Instagram keeps updating the algorithm and the thing it prioritizes the most is the engagement. The engagement includes everything including likes, comments, shares, saves, turning on post notification, and direct messages. Instagram tracks everything and puts content in front of a particular person’s feed he’ll be more likely to engage with. 

How The Instagram Algorithm Works In 2020

Every Instagrammer tries to get maximum eyes on their Instagram posts. The best time to post on Instagram or the sweet spot for engagement is often a question asked by millions of people. Willing to push your content in front of a lot of eyeballs. Understand how the Instagram algorithm works. 

  • The content you post either a photo or video is shown to as low as 10% of your total followers. 
  • The Instagram algorithm starts evaluating how quickly that 10% engage with the posted content. 
  • The algorithm analyzes the post against the rest of the content on your feed and assigns it a particular ‘ Success Score’ based upon the speed and average engagement. 
  • If the posts perform well, it is then shown to a larger percentage of the audience. And if it goes exceptionally well, it can get on to explore page. 

Tips To Find The Best Time To Post

It is frustrating for most of the business owners and managers to find the best time to post as their followers are not from a particular time zone. They are scattered all around the globe. In this case, the best time will be when most of your followers are awake and using the app. The following are some tips that can help you out in this regard. 

Tip#1: Manual Testing 

To unearth the best time, consider posting at different times, and then track result in a spreadsheet. However, there is one drawback that the result is also dependent upon the content itself – the better content will likely bring more engagement and vice versa. 

Tip#2 Try Some Apps And Tools

Fortunately, many develop[ers have designed tools and apps that are featured to figure out the best time to post on Instagram. These tools find all the detail of people who follow your account. Then scan to see how many followers are active at each hour. To get the best time, such apps generally calculate the total number of likes and comments and divide it into the total number of posts in that particular hour to find the ‘ Best Hours’. 

Tip#3: Post During Off-Work Hours

If you want your content to be in front of a lot of eyeballs, post during off-works hours. The best time will be lunchtime (11 am-1 pm) and evenings (7-9 pm). if this pisses you off as you need to do something else, simply schedule a post through any social media marketing tool. 

Tip#4: Save Special Posts For Weekdays 

 If you own a brand and people rush to interact with your posts more at weekends. Then, consider saving your important posts for weekdays. In contrary to this, a B2B company profile tends to work more during the week. Therefore, you need to be strategic and mindful while posting and identify the best time that can trigger more engagement. 

Instagram Marketing Tools That Identify Peak Time To Post On Instagram 

Some excellent Instagram marketing tools assist you in analyzing performance and the ability to identify peak time. These tools will also help you with reporting, scheduling, organic follower growth, hashtag research, and more. 

  • Iconosquare

Iconosquare is the best in a class of social media marketing tools that allow you to track great information. It also uncovers the opportunities, your competitors, profile activity, and more. Hence, Iconosquare is an undisputed king when it comes to finding the best times to publish on Instagram. 

  • Buffer

The software gives insight into basic analytics including the time when most of your followers are active. However, the tool is best when it comes to an effective approach to social media scheduling. Simply connect Instagram and decide when and how often you want your post to be published. 

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another excellent platform that assists you in analyzing more about your account and follower’s detail. It also helps you schedule your post and gives insight into analytics like the location of your followers when most of them are active, and more. 

Wrapping Up 

The best time to post on Instagram is contingent upon your follower’s location. The peak or best time to post will be when most of your followers are active and ready to interact. After doing some searches, the marketers analyzed the best time to post on Instagram is between 9 am and 11 am EST. If you have followers located in a different location then this time may not be ideal for you. Luckily, some tools help you figure out the best time to post to trigger the engagement and assist you in getting maximum impressions.