Web Design Business on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform with more than 500 million users daily. And one of the popular sites for small businesses and startups, like your web design firm. The reason is IG is a rich visual platform with stunning images and videos. You can make the most of this social media app to tell interesting stories about your design acumen to your targeted audience.

You need to create a one-off style when it comes to marketing on Instagram. According to an article published on Socialmediaexaminer.com, you need to focus on aesthetics to make your Instagram feed powerful with stunning photos or videos. When you are in the web design business, you can use some of the best pictures and videos to take your social media marketing to another level. You can use bright and minimal-themed images to pique followers’ interest in Instagram.

These days, people do not like to read much, but with Instagram, you can use visuals to promote your web design business:

Discover Your Target Audience

When you have designed web pages for some of your clients, unfortunately, as a small business, you do not have a strong portfolio. Fret not. You have at least two choices to discover your audience. Start with a demographic or niche you prefer and confident you are good at designing websites for that niche. You can always diversify your website design service in the future, but not immediately when you have just begun. Target your audience depending on whether you have a traditional or contemporary approach towards design. It will help you connect with the right followers on Instagram.

Alternatively, you can focus on a broader perspective of web design, thus reaching out to a more varied audience. Then, this approach requires you to put in more of your hard work and effort.

If you have just started your web design business, we recommend that you choose the first approach. When you have a considerable following, a good client base, and sufficient likes on Instagram. You must start focusing on the second option.

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Think of an Appropriate Instagram Theme

You need to create Instagram content that your followers will like to see and come back to your IG account. They will become your loyal followers and eventually customers. Therefore, avoid pushing your web design services when you have just started your business. You can delight your audience by starting a campaign with some of the great quotes related to web design with a stunning background image. You need to post such content regularly to buy 50 real Instagram likes initially and garner more in the days to come.

This way, people will start showing interest in your profile and expect to see meaningful quotes and awesome visuals. Before you start creating content and sharing them on Instagram, know who your audience is, what they like and dislike, and what makes them happy. Start building a theme based on these questions.

Appeal to your audience with your brand humor, focus their use of language and address your followers’ problems and pain points.

When you are into web design, your targeted audience is diverse. Because clients come from different niches and belong to all age groups. The thing that they have in common is their requirement of a stunning website to attract their customers. Therefore, use Instagram to promote your web design services.

Start Sharing Awesome Instagram Content

You will not gain followers, likes, and comments unless you start sharing stunning IG content related to web design. Even if your posts do not look that impressive initially, do not worry. It will come with practice when you master the rules of Instagram.

The best thing to do is look for popular web designers on Instagram and start following their accounts. Take some time off your busy schedule to study what content these designers are sharing on IG. Look, who likes the post of the web designers, analyze the quality of the content, and which of the posts have maximum likes.

You will also need to study the comments or discussions that are happening on the posts of famous website design professionals on Instagram. It will give you a fair idea of the kind of content you need to create and share on Instagram.

You know that Instagram is a visual site, and therefore, you will need to create photos and videos that not only attention-grabbing but also add value to your followers. Whatever design work you did, highlight those to show off your portfolio.

You can use the Instagram feed to display your web design portfolio. It is time for some hard work because there are no shortcuts to increasing your Instagram likes and engagement levels. When you look at other designers’ feed, take inspiration from their content without copying ideas directly.


Instagram is a visual and social media site through which you can promote your web design services by building connections, increasing follower count, and partaking in conversations.

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