Hard Disk Direct

Hard Disk Direct was established in California, USA, in 1986 with a primary focus on computer memory upgrades. It has been in operation for more than 20 years and has since evolved into a hub for online shopping that offers a sizable and diverse selection of computer hardware products.

Currently, Hard Disk Direct has three significant operational centers in the US, the UK, and the UAE. Since its inception, Hard Disk Direct has expanded the scope of its business to offer a vast and diverse database of more than 600,000 pieces of computer hardware, including memory, hard drives, power supplies, CPUs, and other parts and accessories.

The company began by upgrading HDDs and computer memory while exhibiting their appreciation for their customers by providing the best prices from their manufacturers and suppliers without sacrificing the quality of the product. A wide variety of computer hardware from all the major producers, including Dell, Epson, Hitachi, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Apple, Cisco, IBM, and others is supported by HDD.

Globally, Hard Disk Direct offers top-notch technological solutions. They conduct business in roughly 150 different nations and service sectors like higher education, retail, and business in addition to federal, state, and local governments, the military, and (the army, air force, and navy).

What distinguishes Hard Disk Direct from its rivals in the industry?

Customers of Hard Disk Direct can make use of cutting-edge technological solutions. The hardware and IT solutions offered by HDD are made to assist you in keeping up with technological developments that are important to your sector.


The highly dependent nature of our IT services and delivery, as well as the comprehensiveness of our IT solutions, have allowed them to detect changes in an organization’s infrastructure. They respect client wishes while adhering to organizational constraints and strict budgetary constraints. They aim to boost the profitability of our clients’ enterprises by integrating the most recent technology with their constantly changing IT requirements.

Hard Disk Direct goes above and above for its consumers by classifying products that are challenging to find. Additionally, their extensive product assortment has been methodically assembled to guarantee that customers can purchase the key supplies they require.

Since its opening inception in 2012, Hard Disk Direct has accumulated substantial customers made up of multinational enterprises, resellers, small and medium-sized businesses, and other businesses. On a global scale, they have also collaborated with a wide range of well-known businesses, including Dell, IBM, Sony, HP, and many others. offering to our customer’s top-notch goods and services.

Products at Hard Disk Direct:


Featured Categories:

  •       Hard Drives (Products)
  •       SSDs (Products)
  •       Power Supplies (Products)
  •       Switches (Products)
  •       Processors (Products)
  •       Servers (Products)

Is Hard Disk Direct authorized and safe?

Since it originally entered the eCommerce business more than ten years ago, Hard Disk Direct has provided services to more than 10,000 SMBs and large corporations. The computer gear is delivered quickly and is of a high standard. The average Trustpilot rating for Hard Disk Direct is 4.4 stars, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.


Customers who are satisfied with their purchases from Hard Disk Direct typically point to the computer parts, great prices, and free shipping. A talented and dedicated sales and customer care staff at Hard Disk Direct works with over 100 Fortune 500 firms to provide services. Additionally, the continued expansion of global inventories past 1M. In order to become the most dependable online store, HardDiskDirect.com declares on its website that they are committed to giving clients a superior shopping experience, speedy shipment, and exceptional customer support.




Being a Silicon Networks LLC company, Hard Disk Direct is quickly outpacing competitors in the market for both new and used IT hardware. Utilize mission-critical hardware that has undergone comprehensive testing, is priced more than 40% lower than it was previously, and is extremely reliable.

The worldwide IT revolution has been pushed by Hard Disk Direct, which has been able to send a selection of both new and used IT hardware products to more than 150 nations. Along with offering comprehensive IT solutions, Hard Disk Direct also provides trustworthy IT services and delivery.

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