Free Windows Apps

Students need a bunch of applications to make their tasks simpler. So, here, in this article, we have compiled a list of a few of the best Windows app for the students that are 100% free to use. 

Productivity-based applications


An incredible Simplenote client for your Windows is the ResophNotes. It is free to use application that can help you synchronize and save all of your notes together. Sarah, a homework help provider, who offers online statistics homework help services, says that she uses the ResophNotes application of the Windows to keep all her notes stacked together for an easy after-access. Especially, when they write an essay using some applications by themselves. By all means, they can get help from the best essay writers online to boost their writing performance and spend more time for their own. 

Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredible application from Office Suits that is the perfect Office replacement for the students. You can do offline editing and more for free with it. Furthermore, it has an amazing document editor, tools for presentations, spreadsheets, and a lot more. All the documents that you create are saved on the cloud. So, there’s absolutely no worry about the loss of paper. 


Another useful application for the students is Evernote. It is free to use an app that helps them take notes and store ideas, whenever required. Evernote is particularly helpful for school and college students to take snapshots of the blackboard and the notes, and for organizing their research work, amongst other things. 


Mia, an expert, offering online assignment help Australia services, says that she loves the Wonderlist application because it for her is the perfect to-do application that syncs across different devices. It is free and very easy to use.  The application helps you create all your complicated lists of tasks for your different classes. Moreover, you can even share your created to-do task list with your fellow mates to keep them on track too. It would be a highly useful application when you are working as a team in a group presentation or project.  

Get organized

Students who need a common parking place to drop all the events, assignments, and simultaneously keep a tab on the grades, can use the Get Organized application. Though not one of the most beautiful looking application, it is free, simple, and certainly gets the job done.  


You cannot always carry your textbooks with you. So, if you have all your textbooks digitally available, you should switch to the Kindle Windows application. The application is free to use, and lets you take notes, highlight the notes, and then share it with your friends or classmates.  


Dropbox is the perfect and the most ideal place for you to save all your documents. It could be a perfect lifesaver during the time you forget to bring your assignment to school. Martha, a school student, who recently had to pay for writing papers, says that she had stored her assignment on her Dropbox, but forgot to carry the physical copy to the school, so she immediately accessed her Dropbox, and mailed the link to her professor. Perfect, isn’t it? And yes, it is free too. 

Communication boosting applications


If you do not wish to spend your money on using SMS service on your phone, you can switch to Pidgin. It is free to use instant messaging applications. 


Whenever you wish to communicate with your friends or family members, you can simply Video call them for free via the Skype application. It is certainly the easiest to use video chatting platform. 

Other useful applications


Spotify is one of the best applications for people who wish to stream music. The application is free and has an extensive collection of songs. Chris, a prolific tutor who offers the best machine learning course online, says that with Spotify, he doesn’t have to worry about having to spend money on streaming music. This makes it a perfect application for students who are already tight on the budget in college.  


Though most of us love Google Docs, there are still people who are not very comfortable with using it. So, for them, there is LibreOffice. It is a perfect, free to use application that can be used to creating as well as the editing of the documents. The application has a few advanced options for formatting a few particular types of assignments. 


It isn’t always easy to keep track of your research work. Things can get even more cumbersome when you are already working with a couple of different documents in your library. So, for such users, there’s Mendeley. It is free to use, organization tool using which you can easily keep track of your PDF files. Using the application, you can also generate citations and annotate just on the spot. 

So, these, according to us, are the most ideal Windows applications for the students. Do download and install them, and make your lives simpler.