google ads vs facebook ads

There is no denying that both Google Ads and Facebook Ads will have a tremendous impact on amplifying your business success. The answer to which one is better depends upon your brand, your audience, and your objectives. Google ads however have always been the undisputed king in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) because you get more purchases with a lesser dollar spent. The start-ups struggling to get leads should experience the effectiveness of Google Ads in terms of sales outcomes. A lead campaign run on Google ads tends to give you a way higher ROI because the giant search engine sends a business massive traffic every day. Let’s take a look at the pre-requisite for a better lead campaign and how Google ads are better than FB ads. 

Google ads vs Facebook Ads 

Google Ads  Facebook Ads
The advancement in technology has changed everything for marketers and even consumers. Today we have more choices than we could ever think. Ever since Google was founded in 1998, it has brought so many changes in the digital world. Over 70% of online users use Google to search for anything they want. Google has a record of 40,000 search queries every second and there are trillions of users every year. Google ads have become the world’s most-liked pay-per-click platform.  Advertisers pay Google only when a user clicks on the ad.  Google always rolls out new features and makes its algorithm hard to crack yet digital companies like Buzzoid keep digging out ways to get more purchases.  Facebook has become one of the most popular social media networks. Businesses heavily invest in FB ads to get more sales and brand recognition. In 2019, Fb ads accounted for %25 of all digital ads spent. The biggest advantage of advertisements on FB is that it knows our social pattern better than Google. Facebook mysteriously collects our data more than we know. The gathered data ultimately gives the best value to advertisers who are interested in targeting specific users. Therefore, talking about specificity, no one can beat the FB. 

Facebook ads do have other benefits but when comparing with the search engine giant, Google, it becomes less advantageous. 


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ROI for Google ads and Facebook ads

There was a time when people heavily counted on the traditional market not realizing how effective their recent campaign went. Google ads have always been the king as with Google you tap into huge, high-quality traffic sources.  You can witness fast and more transparent results, more leads, and sales that eventually foster the ROI ratio to many folds. On contrary to this, Facebook does not give the same value to your money as Google does. Facebook is also no more the most proffered social media network, people are more inclined to use Snapchat and Instagram. Moreover, results are not as transparent and  FB ads also diminish the organic reach of users. Facebook has been largely criticized for over-reporting metrics that aren’t always correct. Simply put, when comparing both advertising platforms, digital marketers always encourage businesses to spend bucks on Google advertisement to get more satisfying results. 

How much Google ads can cost?

Google ads have a greater tendency to enhance calls to your business, bring more visitors to your store, and guide people about your company’s landing page. There are a total of five types of Google ad campaigns and each one may incur different rates. The types include Search Network campaign, Display Network campaign, Shopping campaign, App campaign, and Video campaign. If you have a limited budget no worries! Fortunately, advertisers will have full control over the cost. You set a budget/limit and Google will never exceed it. The system also forecast results based upon the budget. 

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Top Benefits of Google AdWords

Brands are making their way towards internet marketing and that’s soaring the competition. Apart from brands or businesses, consumers also rely heavily on the internet for purchasing decisions. To foster in the industry, it has become imperative for businesses to remove every hassle coming their way to reach out to their target audience immediately. 

Faster Result

The visibility you get on Google is always greater than any other medium including Facebook. Taking that fact into consideration, you can always enjoy increased brand awareness. 

Influence the audience to make a purchase 

Consumers nowadays conduct thorough research, compare options, and then take any purchasing decision. Therefore, it is highly unlikely for people to make a purchase immediately after visiting the website. With Google Ads, you can remarket ads; the process is straightforward and effective. 

Set campaign strategies based upon users demographics

Google AdWords has rolled out a new feature where you can search or set the data about user demographics like age, gender, parental status. 

Schedule ads to reach the audience at peak time

You can decide the time to run ads. After running the campaign for 3-6 months 24/7, figure out the peak or best time when you get the most clicks and the time that eats most of your money. After this, schedule ads at peak hours to get the best outcome and to cut down the extra cost. 

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How can you set up a Google ad campaign?

Setting up a Google ad campaign is not a cinch, therefore, it is recommendable to count on the expert. But if you have gained the acquired knowledge then simply follow these steps to get started. 

  • Log in to the Google ads campaign. 
  • On the left-hand side, click on the campaign and then the plus button.
  • Go to the new campaign, now set campaign 
  • Either set campaign objectives or create a campaign with no objective. 
  • Choose any type of campaign from any aforementioned campaigns.
  • Click Continue. 
  • Decide the campaign setting and click save and continue. 

Final verdict 

Evaluate your budget and figure out how much you can pay to gain a customer. Before spending money define the objectives, understand where your potential customer stands in the buyer’s journey. Even though Google ads require a large advertising budget than FB ads yet the outcome of the campaign will also be more satisfying. Always remember that Google ensures to provide the best to users therefore prioritize your website content and ad quality rather than investing money as the flow of water in the war of ad biding.