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If you are a part of the worldwide web, then blogging would be a term that you would have heard many numbers of times. When you write a blog post, what happens? Let us decode this for you before we move on to other important things like email marketing and the best email marketing services that you can use. Find below some best ways to build an email list.

When you write a blog post, here’s what happens:

You build readership: First and foremost, a blog post is an online article in any format that should be readable, informative and entertaining. Think of it like an online magazine where you regularly put out pieces for people to read.

You build brand value: If you own a business, blogging helps you build brand value since you are creating a know-how base that helps you establish your authority in your niche and your industry. 

You are bringing in customers: Blogging is possibly one of the best ways to generate leads and to convert them by leveraging the sheer power of content which helps you answer questions through various topics that are information and solution-based. 

So, now the question is how to market this content and make sure that it reaches the right audience so that people can access this and get to know about your brand and business. The question is about finding the right tools and ways in which you can bring this content to the right prospects so that they may eventually also become your customers. This is where the following tools step in:

Social Media: The foremost way to market your blog posts is to post them with clickbait headlines on social media so that people may see a preview as they scroll through their social media feed. When they see the preview with a nice headline and a few lines that talk about what you can expect from the blog post, you can be sure that a click will follow. 

Email List: While posting your blog posts on social media can result in pushing your content out towards prospects, there is something known as pull marketing as well which can be achieved by reaching out to those who are already on your radar or your email marketing list. You should look into methods that will help you learn how to build an email list.

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Apart from the above two methods, there are others as well that can help you bring in your audience. However, showing up in the inbox of your ideal audience is one of the best ways to make it happen so that your customer remembers you and sees a personalized message that greets him or her. If you are looking for the best email marketing services or you want to know how to build an email list for free, you may want to have a look at these email marketing services so that you find the best way to build an email list so that you can reach out to your audience. 

Here are some of the best email marketing services

1. MailChimp

This is one of the oldest email marketing services that can teach you how to build an email list even as you get to maintain that database of contacts and email addresses for individual and customized campaigns. This platform also gives you a number of well-designed templates that eliminate the need for you to learn and implement complex coding. 

2. Sendinblue

This is also one of the best-known email marketing services that can show you how to build an email list for free. With this platform, you can manage the contacts and organize them into the various campaigns that you run for different kinds of customers. This can help you reach and nurture your leads in a more targeted manner. 

3. ActiveCampaign

If you are looking for a well known CRM platform that also integrates email marketing so that you can create email marketing campaigns to send these emails to your contacts and to also track the same. Further, with the CRM element, you can ensure that your contacts and your interactions with them are recorded and integrated into the metrics that you employ to make your campaign a success. 

When you are learning how to optimize your email marketing campaign, it is first important to learn.

How to build an email list for free. Here’s why

  1. Get High Quality and Personalized Reach
  2. Deliver Engaging Content
  3. Indulge in Lead Nurturing
  4. Work in a Call for Action
  5. Earn Clicks and Conversions
  6. Speak the Language of your Audience 
  7. Deliver Your Blog Post on a Regular Basis

These reasons are very important so that you can organize your blog posts into an email marketing campaign so that you can drive engagement and earn clients with ease.