Dechoker is an FDA registered lifesaver, which is an airway cleaning anti-choking gadget. You can use this medical device for any kind of choking emergency for anyone. Not everyone knows how to conduct the procedure of removing food particles from the throat properly. This device will help you with this job.

According to a National Safety Council article, every year, thousands of adults and infants die due to choking. Choking is the fourth-greatest cause of accidental death, according to Injury Facts 2017. 

Dechoker is a sure-fire approach to remove a clog that allows you to conduct first aid without putting your life in danger. This helpful device for everyone ensures that you can safely administer first aid while you wait for the appropriate responders.

What is Dechoker?

Do you know what is dechoker? The Dechoker is a life-saving medical gadget that can be used on anyone for choking first aid who is above 12 months or older.  

You should know that nearly 100,000 people visit the emergency room every year due to choking accidents. Every year more than 16 million children go to the emergency room because of choking incidents. 

This device can be securely used with minimum training and comes with simple step-by-step instructions. The Dechoker provides regular protection whether you are a parent or grandparent.

How Effective Is the Dechoker?

Dechoker is a pressure device that has been serving people for more than 4 years. It is a medical remedy that you can use with abdominal thrusts or back slaps. This can even be used on yourself if you’re alone. 

Not only that, It’s suitable for both children and the elderly, as it provides a less invasive method of assisting choking victims. Choking is also a major reason for death among children. Because of this, every 5 days, 1 child dies.

Choking kills more people than drowning, fire, or unintentional shootings. Emergency gear like fire extinguishers and defibrillators are prevalent in homes and public areas while choking is less common. 

Unlike heart attacks and seizures, this is not caused by poor lifestyle choices or heredit.ary abnormalities. It’s just an accident that happens to us more frequently than we realize.

The Dechoker is quite simple to use. Dechoker procedure takes only a few seconds, and using this device; there is no risk of abdominal injury. This device has a face mask with which you have to cover the patient’s nose and mouth. 

Now just pull back the plugger, so it’ll suck out all the things that you are trapping in your airway. The suction power of the dechoker produces enough airflow for dislodging the things that are sucked. 

The backflow valve keeps liquids from reentering the oral cavity. After removing the particles, roll the gadget to relieve the victim immediately. Finally, it can be stated that it is effective in choking situations.

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How to Use the Dechoker?

How to Use the Dechoker

Dechoker works 99% successfully as this device has been tested a lot of times. Here we’ll present the step-by-step guide on how to use the dechoker.

  • Assure the choking victim to calm down and remove the dechoker from the packet. 
  • For proper access to the airway, tilt the patient’s head back and lift the chin slowly. 
  • Set up the respiratory mask and insert the tongue depressor, which will take only 3 seconds. The mask will cover the patient’s mouth, and the nose and the tongue depressor will go into the mouth. 
  • Hold the mask with your thumb and finger, and then put a light and firm pressure. 
  • With lightweight pressure, you will make a seal between the mask and face. Pull the plunger out with a bit of pressure. 
  • If the patient is still choking and the particles are not coming out, repeat the above steps. 
  • When the particles are removed, roll the patients over. This position will help them to reduce other particles or fluids.

Is The Dechoker Appropriate For Dementia Patients?

Any person with a choking problem or disease can benefit from the Dechoker. Users must review and understand the instructions for use, it is suggested that the Dechoker device be administered to individuals with dementia rather than self-administered.

Wrapping Up

Choking is an emergency medical issue, but most people recommend it as first aid treatment. However, this always doesn’t work. Here comes the dechoker kit, which can be an effective alternative. 

The Dechoker is a tested airway cleaning device that could be used on anyone, despite severe disease, disorder, or other health-related issues. To the present date, it has rescued a total of 274 lives, with many more unaccounted for. 

Even though every second counts, this device offers you comfort knowing you’re fully ready and your nearest and dearest are safe.

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