Instagram Trends

Social media trends tend to change at a rapid pace, and Instagram is no exception. However, the current year has witnessed a sharp increase in the pace at which Instagram trends have been developing. This is mainly due to various socio-economic alterations and the spread of the global pandemic that has been shaking the world. For numerous organizations, who use Instagram as their primary or secondary revenue generation tool, being aware of these changing trends is the key to creating a winning strategy for this platform. Discussed below are some trends identified by leading providers of social media marketing services, that businesses need to watch out for:

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Changing the Face Of Influencer Marketing

The trend of using influencer marketing for promoting business products and services is not exactly new. However, the way in which it is being used to draw customer attention to prevailing social issues and relate their solutions with a brand is an emerging trend. From talking about racial inequality to creating awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic, and the best precautions against it, brands have been collaborating with influencers to enhance customer engagement and drive sales while highlighting their commitment to a social cause.

Enabling Businesses To Cash In On Conversions

Instagram Shops make it easier for brands to cash in on their conversions. This feature enables Instagram users to purchase the selected product or service directly from the platform, without having to visit the business website. This helps in saving considerable time for users while enhancing their online shopping experience with the brand. Hence, this is one trend that businesses need to look out for to improve their revenue through this social networking site.

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Making Money Directly Through Instagram Badges

This feature, introduced by Instagram in May 2020, is still being tested with a small group of creators and businesses. This feature enables the viewers of a live broadcast on Instagram to spend anywhere between 99 cents and $4.99 to purchase heart badges for standing out in the comment stream and unlocking premium features. This feature makes it possible for content creators to make money directly rather than earning it through affiliate marketing and brand partnerships. The good thing is that the creators will be receiving 100% of revenue earned in this manner during the testing phase.

Enabling AI-Powered Upgrades For Shopping And Advertising

Towing a line similar to Facebook, Instagram is likely to provide an AI-powered upgrade to enhance the shopping and advertising experience for its users. The idea behind introducing these upgrades is to give the users a more realistic shopping experience by enabling them to choose items by scanning images, identifying different attributes of a product, or even cross-referencing them with catalogs. In terms of advertising, Instagram may soon introduce ads that integrate augmented reality to enable users to make better-informed call to action decisions.

Demand For Greater Transparency And Authenticity

With brands and influencers using Instagram to take a stand on various issues and promoting values and support causes, users are demanding greater transparency in such activities. In fact, transparency has become the keyword for building customer trust and lending authenticity to the decision of the influencers for promoting or supporting a specific product or brand. In this context, it has become necessary for brands to establish a clear distinction between sponsored content and regular posts by influencers, especially with respect to their stories.

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Tweets And Memes To Create More Humor

Uploading only filtered images on Instagram is a thing of the past as users are now able to include tweets, memes, music, and even special effects to make their posts more humorous. In fact, posting funny screenshots of tweets as posts and stories has become quite a rage among Instagram users. This has created a vast opportunity for business organizations to use such content to their advantage. 

Since the platform enables users to share their own tweets as well as the tweets of others, brands do not need to create fresh content every time to drive audience engagement. This can prove quite beneficial in terms of saving time and money while also attracting customer attention in a fun-filled and humorous manner.

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Interactive Content Is Growing In Demand

Several brands and social media marketing agency professionals are experimenting with a wide range of interactive content for Instagram to boost audience engagement. Simple strategies such as asking a question, creating a poll, creating buzz around an upcoming post, or conducting an online contest or a quiz are just some ways of developing interactive content. 

Such content excites the members of the target audiences and inspires them to take a positive call to action in favour of the content creators. This strategy can boost sales and revenue by considerable margins besides establishing a good impression of the business and strengthening the sense of trust of the customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Incorporate these trends right now, and watch your brand blossom!

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