Omega Speedmaster

You probably have already heard of the famous Omega Speedmaster? Well, who doesn’t? Omega Speedmaster is one of the famous watch brand companies, not just for its accuracy and stylish designs, but moreover, it has gained its name in history because it was the first-ever watch worn on the moon. Starting only with a very brief history of Omega Speedmaster.

Highlights of the Omega Speedmaster

Omega first introduced chronographs to the world in 1957. It was given the name Omega Speedmaster because of its tachymeter scale bezel. Moonwatch or commonly known as the Professional Speedmaster is the most popular and produced the longest, its type was the very first watch worn on the moon during the very first spacewalk launched by the American’s NASA’s Gemini 4 Mission.

What is so good about this watch is that it was one of those watches qualified for space flight by NASA and still the one qualified for EVA (extravehicular activity). It only means that if in any case, there would still be another person who is qualified to go to the moon to check for any signs of life or discovery, the Professional Moonwatch would only be the only prepared watch brand that can be used.

Omega Speedmaster as The First Watch To Reach The Moon

July 20th of 1969 marked its history in the world upon the first manned lunar landing. It was Neil Armstrong who first placed his foot on the moon, but then the Lunar Module did not function very well. Passed nineteen minutes passed, Buzz Aldrin joined Neil Armstrong, and he was the one who was wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional. It was the very first watch worn on the moon with a Calibre 321 movement. Unfortunately, after the mission, probably several months after, the Omega Speedmaster Professional watch owned by Buzz Aldrin was stolen and never been found.

Moonwatch Apollo 11 Celebrated Its 50th Anniversary Moonshine Gold

Omega created Speedmaster BA145.022 last 1969 to pay tribute to the people who reached the moon whom we considered heroes. This was the first remembered numbered edition. They produced only about 1014 models with a manual–winding movement Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 3861.

This masterpiece was created from 18k yellow gold with a burgundy bezel. It is also protected by a sapphire crystal scratch–resistant with anti-reflective treatment on both sides. And there’s more, it can also resist water of up to 50 meters and be perfected by an anti-magnetic feature which means that even if you expose it to a strong magnetic field, the performance of this timepiece is unaffected. 

What makes it more special is the inscription at the back, which we quote, “to mark man’s conquest of space with time, through time, on time.” The first two of these editions were given to US President Richard Nixon and US Vice President Spiro Agnew. Also, changes were made to the Speedmaster’s case back, the old one was removed and was replaced with the phrases, “The First Watch Worn On The Moon” and “Flight Qualified By NASA For All Manned Space Missions.”

Shifting of Movement – Calibre 321 to Calibre 861

Come 1968, Omega replaced their previous Calibre 321 with a more precise movement produced by Lemania, and this is the Calibre 861. Not just precise, but also cheaper than the Calibre 321.

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Silver Snoopy Award Given to Omega

Yes, you read it right. Snoopy Award. And the reason why Snoopy had been the mascot used was that they believed that it was the “watchdog” for NASA’s safety program. It started in 1968 where the Silver Snoopy Award was given to people who are making their achievement in human space flight missions. The silver dial features Snoopy, who is wearing his spacesuit on the blue dial at 9 o’clock. On the back of the case, Snoopy’s icon is inside the Command and Service Module. 

On the Earth disc part, it rotates once per minute with the watch’s small seconds hand, and “Eyes on the Stars” is engraved at the back. Its movement is made perfect by Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861 with 50 hours power reserve. There might be other watches, which have Snoopy engraved on it, but nothing will compare to this edition. You will be mesmerized by how perfect they made this.

These are just some of the highlights which made Omega Speedmaster not just famous but historical. They are worn not just for stylish purposes but also for aviation, under the sea, racing, and sports events since they are also the Official Timekeeper for the Olympic Games. Feel free to browse the different models of Omega Speedmaster:

  1. Speedmaster Chronographs
  2. Speedmaster Moonwatch Watches
  3. Vintage and Retro Omega Speedmasters
  4. Ceramic Omega Speedmasters
  5. Speedmaster Reduced and Date Watches


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This timeless masterpiece may have changed and improved but once you get your wrist on it, you cannot resist the fact that it is exceptionally amazing. It is a watch that will surely last the test of time, as they say!