Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have been around for a while (probably from 2015) but they are still a new concept for many. It’s a lightweight mobile app that takes less time to load compared to a normal mobile app. It also consumes fewer data compared to a regular app. The users continue to enjoy a smooth experience even if their Internet connection is slow.

Are you an eCommerce business? If yes, it’s a good time to get in touch with the PWA development company to work on your PWA app. Alibaba, the largest b2b online trading platform of the world, when implemented PWA experienced a 76% increase in their total conversions across different browsers. What’s stopping you from considering a PWA for your eCommerce site?

Why Does Your eCommerce Business Need a PWA?

A PWA is the amalgamation of all the best features of your site and native app. it has dynamic capabilities that make the online experience of your audience smoother and easier. A user’s expectation with a mobile app has skyrocketed. They want a rich experience. If you don’t satisfy their needs, you will fall behind.

The eCommerce industry has significantly benefited from Progressive Web Apps. You must start your search for a PWA development company right away. Here’s why…

People today are very skeptical when shopping online. If there’s any lag between the touchpoints to the transaction stage, they get annoyed. The biggest turn off is a site with higher load time. They will simply turn away from your site and search for a better option. 

If you have an eCommerce website, you most likely have an app too. It may load the elements of your site faster, a customer still has to download the app on their device. If it takes more space on their phone, they are likely to get frustrated. Users tend to delete 80% of the apps after a single use. Yours could be one of them too.

Here, a PWA app could save you from a great deal of trouble. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having a PWA for an eCommerce business:

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Faster Page Load and No Network Dependency 

A Progressive Web App creates a frame that’s accessible all the time. This makes the user perceive the page has loaded already. The response of a PWA is faster as compared to a native app. 

The best part is even if there is no Internet connection, the PWA still works. It is possible for the user to still browse and enjoy a great user experience. When the connectivity is restored, the app keeps loading new things. This gives a better experience to browse even when there is no network.

It is also possible to add push notification on PWA. You can re-engage the visitor back to your page. Reminding them and sending alerts becomes easier. It is very simple to install the app. You can add it to the homepage of your site without uploading anything. Or you can include a direct link on any of your pages. The PWA development company will do that for you.

Web Sign-in API

Remembering passwords isn’t easy, right? And signing up on a site is equally frustrating. If you want to reduce the burden on your visitors, you can add Google or Facebook sign in. It may seem easier but some customers don’t even like this method of signing up.

You could have such customers, too. Make it easier upon them and choose a PWA for your business. Users are auto signed whenever they open a Progressive Web App. The user has to sign up and create an account but the credentials are automatically saved on the website. Your customers will be able to access their accounts even if they open the site on another account. The credential management API makes that possible.

You Become More Discoverable

Another reason why you should be contacting a PWA development company to design a PWA is because of the benefit of getting discovered on search engines. Progressive web apps are like websites by design. It’s easy to find them on search engines. So use that to your advantage. Optimize the content, have a great PWA created, and get discovered by Google. This will bring you more visitors who might as well be converted into leads.

Auto Updates

Progressive web apps don’t need manual updates. They are updated on their own. No approval is required either. In other words, you won’t have to spend much money on getting it updated or maintained. 

These apps are not browser dependent either. No matter what browser you use, you are going to enjoy the same kind of smooth experience. These apps are highly expensive on mobile devices. 

Better Conversion 

If you haven’t been converting much, consider getting a PWA for your eCommerce site. So many eCommerce stores have switched to PWA and improved their conversion. PWAs bypass all issues of payment failure, slow transition time, and network problems. 

Your consumer will enjoy the same native app-like experience but better. Swiping and tapping will be faster and so will be the purchaser. Your bounce rate will reduce and cart abandonment ratio will come down as well. You must consult a PWA development company to talk about the possibilities of having a progressive web app developed for your store. 

It’s Cost-Effective

If you are still adamant about a PWA and a limited budget is your concern, you will be glad to hear that Progressive Web Apps are very cost-effective. There is no need to develop a separate mobile app for your website. Within the same PWA, you can leverage push notifications and add other features most native apps support. Plus, you will be able to save significant money on maintenance. PWA web developers are not expensive either. You will be optimizing your ROI by choosing a PWA for your store.

Final Words

Don’t miss out on these benefits. If you are struggling with sales, talking to a PWA development company and discussing the possibilities of a progressive web app can save you a lot of trouble. Get ready to see a boost in sales with this decision.