Best and Popular WordPress Podcast Theme

Building a website is not complicated these days as technology brings a lot of changes in the online business. A website looks appealing if you add an attractive theme in it. 

Creating a website is a complicated task, particularly when the focus lies in audio production.  You can have a highly customizable website that holds the functionality to include the audio and make playlists, settling the listening experience first.

In addition, you have the flexibility to develop the website by selling tickets for live events, launching an online store, collecting emails for the newsletter, featuring videos, etc.

The digital audio file that holds the remarkable stats and in last time has gained popularity is PodCast. It is the best way to connect with the audience, grow the brand, and simply entertain the viewers or listeners.  Because of the outstanding Podcast WordPress themes,  building a website has become very simple.

The internet has several podcasts, and you require more than the RSS feed and microphone to launch the website in the audience. Significantly, what more is required?  The home base to the listeners to discover the content, that is the website. 

Many WordPress Theme Customization companies are there that assist you to create and customize a Podcast theme for your website. They have experienced developers and designers that can help you to do so. The choice is all yours!!

Here in this article, we are going to review the top seven WordPress podcast themes for 2020.

7 The Best WordPress Podcast Theme for 2021

Vice Music WordPress Theme

If you are looking for the music theme then this is the best for you. The Vice Music theme is for Dj and music bands. It allows you to create amazing podcast pages. Vice is best for podcasts, different types of music, radio stations, etc. Vice music podcast can create the music of different genres which includes Soundcloud, Mixcloud in an MP3 player. 

Vice music easily imports all your podcasts from Mixcloud in one single click. The theme is used for simple MP3, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, etc.

You can edit the page manually with the best filters from Mixcloud tags. The vice music WordPress theme helps in editing and adding the page filters.

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Soundbyte Sound WordPress Theme

Soundbyte creates the podcast theme with active design. Soundbyte can build your website using a drag-drop page builder. You can add the sliders, maps, popups with premium plugins.

WordPress podcast theme has no specialist coding. With the slideshows, you can choose any page with an in-built slider element also you can run your website within minutes. This theme has built-in support and has a drag and drop menu which easily adjusts the fonts with the robust themes.

Wpcast Audio WordPress Theme

WpCast helps to create the most professional way to build an audio podcast in WordPress. 

You can quickly create a non-stop music player. 

The WpCast theme includes different demons and Apple and Google-ready to publish your podcasts in seconds. 

Upcast helps to create a fresh theme where you don’t need any programming skills or to hire a developer. It helps to create a flexible theme that includes colours, logo, etc. 

Megaphone WordPress Theme

Megaphone is the best-featured WordPress theme which helps to create the best theme and easily handles all the audio podcast websites within a seconds. A neat solution helps for personal as well as large podcasting networks. Here in this theme, you can add multiple hosts and shows. Generally, this theme is used by radio stations with better live audio streaming. 

You can easily adapt the podcasts to different series which will make the podcast RSS feed. Megaphone is a very compatible and serious plugin. Megaphone helps to manage podcast publishing. The podcast publishing site easily imports your episodes from old archives such as Libsyn or Blubrry.

Vipo Audio/Video WordPress Theme

This is the perfect theme with a better and stronger podcast and vlog which perfectly fits your video or audio casts. Vipo is very helpful for long-standing business. It is a lightweight WordPress theme that is suitable for small to large businesses. It’s quite easy to customize the design of the header and footer merely with the drag and drop option. The layout can be of your choice. Vipo is used by freelancers that can easily set up the theme.

You can build a flexible podcast website that can submit to iTunes, Google Play Music with RSS based directories. The theme has the best host to add to the publisher.

Podcaster Multimedia Theme

This WordPress podcast helps to design the podcasters with better audio. You can easily embed the media player at the topmost position of the website so that your listeners can hear and subscribe as soon as they land on the home page. 

Podcaster is a responsive and clean theme. It supports both audio and video podcasts with better screencasts who manage everything. You can select contrasting templates like black and white or any highlighting colour. 

Podcaster has easy theme options with better customization. It has parallax scrolling for custom header images. GDPR compliant helps to perform every small task. You can give quick access to visitors and visitors can do the entries and each entry is displayed on screen per page.

Castillo Audio WordPress Theme

Castilo helps to build the perfect theme for your work. It makes the theme more stylish with better presentation, integration, popular audio platforms, or by integrating the social channels for listeners. 

The insights help you to give total listeners, listening sources. Castilo is the best theme for freelancers and businesses to create a beautiful looking website. Its uncluttered structure gives the best user experience.

The theme helps to make the difficult looking theme easy and saves you hours of extra work. You can choose the image and video which you like to add and the theme assists you to create the visual pages. You can extract episodes from an external RSS feed into your WordPress site. It gives the ability to pick the background colour, hide posts, change the content, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Above, we have discussed the best and most popular WordPress Podcast Theme for 2020. Choosing the best theme means you are one step ahead of your competitors. So, Hurry up and create a beautiful podcast website of your own.

We hope this article will be beneficial for you.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading !!

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